10 hilarious reasons Nigerian women respect pastors more than their husbands

10 hilarious reasons Nigerian women respect pastors more than their husbands

Nigeria is a very religious country going by the high number of religious organisations in the nation. Several citizens of the country hold their religious leaders in high regard and would readily do their bidding.

Sometimes a few overzealous people take it too far as they do this at the expense of their family. There have been several reports of some married women respecting their pastors more than their husbands. This has led to some homes falling apart.

This development seems to have become a trend and Legit.ng has gathered 10 interesting reasons why it happens.

Some people gave various reasons ranging from familiarity, hypocrisy, eye-service, brainwashing, among other things. We have gathered 10 of the most interesting opinions below:

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Nawa o.

Meanwhile Legit.ng earlier reported that some Nigerians shared their interesting opinions on why men stare at other ladies despite being in a relationship.

There have been several instances of men staring at other ladies when they are in the company of their male friends and it seems acceptable. However, staring at another lady in the presence of their partner can cause quite a lot of controversy.

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