Curvy lady shares photos of how she spent her day in the church

Curvy lady shares photos of how she spent her day in the church

A church is a place of worship for Christians and it is often expected that members dress decently so as not to distract other worshippers.

However, many have argued that God welcomes any kind of person to the church, whether decently dressed or not.

In many parts of the world, attending a church service on the first Sunday of the year has become a tradition. This comes as no surprise seeing as people like to start the year on the right note. has gathered photos of a young lady who reportedly attended a church on Sunday, January 6, 2019. The photos have since gone viral mostly because of the unidentified lady’s curves on display.

The lady seemed to be praying to God despite her backside being on display for all to see.

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She was spotted wearing a simple white tank-top and a lacy skirt. The curvaceous lady's outfit might not have raised any questions if it was worn anywhere but the church.

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Curvy lady shares photos of how she spent her day in the church

Curvy lady displays her backside in church. Photo source: National Helm
Source: UGC

Nawa o.

Meanwhile earlier shared a video of church members fighting 2019 spiritual battles with cutlasses.

In the video, an unknown pastor and his church members were praying. This is quite a harmless thing to do considering that it is practised among many churches.

But the way in which they were praying was very funny. All the church members were wielding cutlasses and hitting them on the floor. As it appears, they were battling with the devil, hence, the need for a harmful object.

Even more, the pastor was also holding a cutlass and raising it up. There was also a red cloth in his hands. His church members also tied red clothes to their hands.

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