How to earn money online in Nigeria in 2019

How to earn money online in Nigeria in 2019

Many ask how to earn money online in Nigeria. However, only a few are persistent enough to find the answer. How can you turn your knowledge into a lucrative business? How can you make money online without investment? Keep on reading to find out the ways to make money in Nigeria right now!

How to Earn Money Online in Nigeria: Best Ideas to Try in 2019

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The population of Nigeria grows fast. It is a well-established mechanism based on the constant work of thousands of experienced people. However, what one could do if he is just a student now or has a lack of experience? You will find out how to make money on the Internet and prosper in this here!

There are many ways to make money online in Nigeria both online and offline. Different purposes drive people to join Internet business:

  • a possibility to have pocket money or an additional source of income (students);
  • an opportunity to become a boss for yourself and manage a timetable as you wish;
  • a desire to become rich in a short time;
  • work in a comfortable atmosphere from home, etc.

The Internet is that kind of alternative, which provides plenty of opportunities for those, who like to work during flexible hours and earn money. It is a kind of a profitable enterprise, which is run via a computer, a tablet, a mobile telephone or any other device. You can sell either products or your skills.

Earn Money Online in 2019


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How to make money online in Nigeria as a student?

Students are a kind of working power, which has a constant need for money: for personal needs, to help their families, to pay for education, etc.

The desire to become financially independent moves the students towards online business in Nigeria. It brings profit, requires no (or almost no) experience, and allows you to combine study with work.

Starting a business always requires the engagement of significant sums of money. Furthermore, one couldn’t stay sure that it will be profitable rather soon? However, there are some alternative ways on how to make money online without investment.

Top 8 most lucrative online businesses in Nigeria you can try as a student

Online business for students in Nigeria in 2019
  • virtual Assistant;
  • search Engine Optimization (SEO) business;
  • website/graphic designer and developer;
  • sales representative;
  • blogging;
  • playing online games and ticket sales;
  • freelance writing, editing, and proofreading (you can start with Upwork, Constant Content, Fiverr, etc.);
  • video editing.

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Top 10 ways to make money in Nigeria for everybody

Online business in Nigeria is a universal means of income. You can earn money in spite of age, gender, social status, and experience. The only important factor, which makes sense in such a case, is your desire to work, free time and skills.

Here is the top 10 least of ideas on how to become rich online in 2019 without much effort:

Money Online in Nigeria 2019


  1. YouTube Videos. If you like to take videos whenever you go, it is your choice. This option allows you to download videos and get paid thanks to Google AdSense. Before you decide to start recording a movie, you should select your niche: beauty, technologies, music, fashion, art, etc., After that, make a video, download it and share in your social media. Do you still hesitate? Do you remember Mark Angel and Emmanuela? They have already gained fame and national adoration thanks to their comedy sketches.
  2. Blogging. It is another popular option to get money even when you sleep. Running a blog is a rather popular activity among people of all ages. Its key feature is sharing information (jokes, stories, news, etc.). The more you share, the more traffic your blog attracts. Therefore, the more income you get. Google AdSense will help you with this task either. You can also start with or WordPress.
  3. Freelancing. It is an excellent way to engage no investments and get profit. This option will perfectly fit people, who are keen on programming, typing, writing, proofreading, graphic design and many other ones. All you have to do is to register at a special website for freelancers (Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, and Freelancer) and start to work. It is a great choice which makes it possible to do your favorite activity from home.
  4. Cryptocurrency. It is a way to earn electronic money that is called Bitcoin. However, this way of making money online requires investments in technologies and improvement of your computer.
  5. Affiliate marketing. If you like sales or good at marketing, if you are a pleasant interlocutor who knows how to convince a person to do what you wish, this job is for you. The key feature of affiliate marketing is to recommend different products to people via social media (Facebook, Instagram, and other) and make them buy the goods.
  6. ClixSense. This way focuses on filling out online surveys, playing games, and fulfilling different tasks.
  7. Social Media Networks. It is a choice for people who can’t spend even a second without a reading-posting process. There are many guides on how to make money on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  8. eCommerse business. The target mission of this way to make money online is to buy and sell things at the online store (like Amazon). If you have no money to start a business, do not be upset. Try dropshipping instead!
  9. Social Media Marketing. This activity deals with establishing a link between the producer and the audience interested in his product. You have to understand the key principles of operation of such networks as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other ones to define the best ways of delivering the product to target consumers.
  10. WinApay. If you think that the area of your knowledge is almost everything (beauty, sports, health, etc.), you can try WinApay. It is a rather new way of increasing your budget through answering questions. You can also become a partner of WinApay – just invite your friends and get more money for each next person.

If you got interested in how to make money on the Internet and have plenty of free time, why not try it? Change your altitude to online business in Nigeria today!

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