Nigerians speak on the relationship between true love and money

Nigerians speak on the relationship between true love and money

When it comes to matters of love, most men and women have different expectations. It has become a widely accepted assumption that no woman would like to be in a relationship without money while men are often of the opinion that women should be able to stay with them regardless of their financial capability.

Arguments on the importance of money in a relationship have been going on for years and it does not seem likely to end any time soon. Some movies have also contributed to the idea that money is not everything because true love conquers all.

Due to the conflicting reactions to the question on the importance of money in a relationship, created a poll for our readers to share their opinion.

Interestingly, most of our readers seem to believe that true love is possible without money. On Twitter, 72% of our audience voted that money does not affect true love and on Facebook, 62% also agreed with the notion.

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Some social media users also took to commenting to shed more light on their opinion. See some reactions below:

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A few people were of the opinion that money and love should not be compared because they are different things.

Well, our readers have decided, true love is very possible without much money.

In other news, earlier reported that a white woman who was scammed by her Nigerian lover claims she is still in love with him.

Usually, when people are duped and robbed of their hard-earned money in any way, their immediate or lifelong reaction would be to dislike and have a deep seated hatred for whoever has offended them in this regard. Well, for a certain white woman who was scammed by a Nigerian online fraudster, that is not the case.

The white woman identified as Terry revealed on a show hosted by American media personality Dr Phil that she had met a certain man named Jefferey online. After relating with the man for quite a while, she trusted him enough to send her hard earned money to him before discovering that he is actually a Nigerian scammer.

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