New Year poems for kids

New Year poems for kids

A good New Year poem is a thing that can create a happy New Year’s mood in every heart, whatever the weather. Kids love good small rhymes, which speak about good things, and New Year is one of these things. Below, you will find a selection of New Year poems for kids, which will fill their little minds with interest and their little hearts – with the holiday anticipation.

New Year poems for kids

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Several of the best New Year poems for kids: nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes are meant for the youngest kids who can only remember short and easy rhymes and the simplest senses. These cute and happy poems are very short, four lines, as a rule, and they give the sense of energy, happiness, and a great holiday mood even to the youngest lovers of poems. Check out these easy Christmas and New Year poems for kids with their lovely rhythm and joyful meaning.

New Year poems for kids

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The New Year Tree

The New Year tree so fine and tall

Stands in the centre of the hall.

Its needles are green. Its toys are bright.

Our New Year party is tonight.

Around the fir-tree let us play

Because it is a New Year Day!

❅ ❅ ❅

The glad New Year!

It’s coming, boys,

It’s almost here,

It’s coming, girls,

The glad New Year!

❅ ❅ ❅

A Happy Year

I want to give you lots of love

And want to say right here:

Have a nice New Year Day

And then a happy year!

❅ ❅ ❅

New Year poems for kids

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you.

May all your wishes come true.

Happy New Year my friend.

Happy New Year to you.

❅ ❅ ❅

Oh, New Year Tree

Oh, New Year Tree, Oh, New Year Tree!

How we love to see you!

We’ll make some trimmings just for you

Of red and gold, and green, and blue.

Oh, New Year Tree, Oh, New Year Tree!

How we love to see you!

❅ ❅ ❅

Bells Are Ringing

Bells are ringing.

People singing.

New Year’s here.

New Year’s here

Happy, Happy New Year

Happy, Happy New Year

Let’s all cheer.

New Year’s here!

❅ ❅ ❅

New Year poems for kids

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In This Glad New Year!

New things to learn,

New things to meet,

New things to sing,

New things to read,

New things to see,

New things to hear,

New things to do

In this glad New Year.

❅ ❅ ❅

The Clock Is Ticking Down

The clock is ticking down.

Get ready for the sound.

Boom, Bang, it’s 12 o’clock

Fireworks all around!

❅ ❅ ❅

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, Santa Claus,

He got stuck, he got stuck;

Coming down the chimney,

Coming down the chimney;

What bad luck, what bad luck.

Older children’s New Year poems

New Year poems for kids

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Unlike the poems and rhymes for the younger children, these ones are rather long and have a more complicated content.

The Old Clock

It was the dark of the midnight hour.

The Old Clock eagerly waited.

“I strike the New Year in”, he said.

“For so it has been fated.

A hundred years I’ve ushered in!

Full well I like my task.

I think myself supremely blessed,

No finer work I ask.

“A hundred years!” the Old Clock said.

“Just think of the changing times!

Think of the history in the making!

it’s a subject for ringing rhymes!”

“I strike the New Year in!” said the Old Clock,

“And now the hour is here!”

The Old Clock solemnly lifted its gong -

And struck in another New Year.

❅ ❅ ❅

New Year poems for kids

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Cheer, cheer, cheer the year,

A new one's just begun.

Celebrate with all your friends,

Let's go have some fun!

Clap, clap, clap your hands,

A brand new year is here.

Learning, laughing, singing, clapping,

Through another year.

❅ ❅ ❅

Everybody Happy

With a smile the New year came bouncing right in!

A bright-eyes frolicsome soul,

“I want to make all folks so happy and glad!

That”, said the Year, “is my goal!”

“So happy – so happy – so happy!” he chanted.

“With never a single wet tear.

But you’ve all got to help me with all of your might!

Yes, indeed, you must help!” said the Year.

You must keep cheerful and make others cheerful,

Your smile will be catching, you see!

And shortly a great epidemic of smiles

Will make for much glad energy!

I want people happy – so happy – so happy!”

Cried the New Year and stood on its head.

“And if each person helps me and does all he can –

Then the world will be happy!” he said.

New Year poems for kids

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Will My Dreams Come True?

Will my dreams come true this New Year?

Will that rosy dawn arrive?

Will I find the foot of the rainbow?

And the things for which I strive?

Will I follow the road that’s greener?

Will the misty hills grow clear

Beyond the far horizon?

Will my dreams come true this year?

I wish I could read a crystal

In which my fate I would see!

I wish I could find an omen

That would show my future to me!

I wish I could learn what fortune

So darkly plans to do.

I wish some genie would tell me –

Will all my dreams come true?

New Year poems for kids

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These are several lovely kids New Year poems that will bring in some more New Year mood during the holiday season of Christmas and New Year. They are different from the traditional Auld Lang Syne and interesting enough for children of all ages to read them and even learn by heart.

Have a happy New Year with your kids and family!

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