Nanny enjoys summer vacation with family: 'Living her best life'

Nanny enjoys summer vacation with family: 'Living her best life'

A family vacation is not limited to blood relatives. A social media user shared snaps of his nanny enjoying herself when she went on vacation with him and his family. Judging from her smile, she was having a blast.

Everyone deserves a break, especially those of who have worked with children, because, let us be honest, children are exhausting.

One social media user @PRODEEGY shared snaps of his nanny, who went on vacation with them, and she looked very happy. While it can be argued that she was there to take care of the family's child, her face tells the story of someone who was having fun.

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People were happy to see a family treat their nanny to a holiday rather than leaving her behind. It was seen as a very kind gesture of the family, making it clear that she is part of their family.

Here is what some social media users had to say about the nanny and her vacation:

@rsa_kukego - The level of appreciation
@mukhodo - This is a touch of class!
@Olawumi_D - More blessings good man
@em2aogbu - See the way she is smiling
@MiriamEtim6 - So sweet I’m in tears
@pirowbanks - Jah bless u man
@CARBEELOW_k - Do you need another house help?
@slimchy96 - I don't know you but may God bless you real good for this act of kindness. People should learn to treat their househelp well because it's what you give that you'd get.

The post did attract negative attention though, as people didn't approve of @PRODEEGY sharing publicly what he did for his nanny.

However, other tweeps quickly defended his decision to share, saying it might inspire others to do the same.

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