Bisi Alimi reacts to Funke Akindele's twins, says IVF has nothing to do with God

Bisi Alimi reacts to Funke Akindele's twins, says IVF has nothing to do with God

- Popular gay rights activists, Bisi Alimi has reacted to the birth of Funke Akindele's twins being tagged as a miracle

- According to him, the twins who were reportedly conceived via IVF, have nothing to do with God

- Going further, he revealed that the concept of IVF is still considered strange in Nigeria, hence the 'miracle' tag

While the family and fans of Funke Akindele are currently celebrating and congratulating the Nollywood actress on the birth of her twin babies, it appears popular gay right activist, Bisi Alimi has a little problem with how the news has been received.

In two posts on his Facebook page, the married gay man based abroad revealed that God has nothing to do with conceiving children through IVF as that is basically a scientific process. He expressed his confusion over why many people are thanking God for the birth of her twin babies.

Going in on the matter, he wrote: "A woman gave birth through IVF in Nigeria and everyone, including the so called intellectual are busy thanking god. What has god got to do with IVF? I am going to make additional post about the IVF case and I will shut up. I have seen reactions from a lot of Nigerians about the case of Funke and God’s intervention and after really trying to understand the thinking behind it, I came to this conclusion, and I think it will be the same conclusion you will come to, if this process of reasoning is adopted scientifically.

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Interaction with an issue normalizes it. What do I mean by that? So I live in a country where there are increasing numbers of kids born via IVF. It is not strange and it is not a big deal. In Nigeria the concept of IVF is still strange and when it happens, you have to use the nearest and not necessarily the best example to explain it.

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So the best way an average Nigerian can explain the science of IVF is to turn it into a miracle, because it is beyond their everyday reality. Now, this doesn’t make it right, but it shows the reduced reality and hence reduced vocabulary to explain the unexplainable. It doesn’t mean Nigerians are stupid, it just means some things are beyond their grasp and they can only be explained as a miracle.

This is coming barely few hours after news of the arrival of the twins went viral on social media. The multi-talented actress revealed the good news via her Insta-story. She wrote, Thank you Lord, 'oluwa e tobi (God is great)'.

In another post, she wrote, 'mo je oruko titun (I have been given a new name). Her post has left her fans and followers thanking God on her behalf even as they storm their social media pages to share the good news.

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