Importance of water to life

Importance of water to life

We all know about the importance of water to life, but do we aware of it in a whole scale? In this article, we want to talk with you about the real meaning of this liquid for our existence and for our planet. So, read on to know more.

Importance of water
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Importance of water for our planet

Water is an amazing liquid, it has no color, no taste, no smell. Caloric content of water is zero. Some people call it a real mystery. Water combines both simplicity and complexity at the same time.

There are only three atoms in a water molecule - one oxygen and two hydrogens. However, scientists are still not clear about the nature of these molecules and their collective activity. But one thing is certain: there will be no life on Earth without water.

The importance of water to human life is hard to overestimate. Without water, neither people, nor plants, nor animals could survive. Neither a huge elephant nor microscopic bacteria can survive without this life-giving liquid.

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Every living organism consists of about 80% of water. Without it, the crop will not grow in the fields, and accordingly - there will be no food. So, it is entirely clear: without water, the life on our planet would disappear.

Water on planet
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But, to our happiness, water on our planet present in a vast quantity. If you look at the pictures taken from space, you can see that the prevailing color of our planet is blue. And this is because a huge amount of water contained on its surface and in atmosphere. Just imagine, the area of the Pacific Ocean alone is much larger than the area of all the Earth’s land combined!

Most of the water on Earth contains in the oceans and seas. But, as you know, sea water contains a large amount of salt. A human cannot drink such salty water. Seawater is also unsuitable for agriculture - it will simply destroy the harvest. Therefore, although there is a lot of seawater on Earth, it is difficult to use it, there is a possibility to make it fresh, but it is a very costly process.

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Only fresh water is precious for human life. But it constitutes only 3% of the total volume of all the water on our planet. And basically, all freshwater (around 99%) is concentrated in glaciers, on mountain peaks and flows in the depths of the earth. It turns out that humanity has only one percent of all fresh water.

What are the important properties of water?

Water has amazing properties and here we have five interesting facts about water:

  • The waters of the World Ocean can hold a lot of heat and solar energy. This beneficial property of water helps to mitigate climate on the planet.
Water flow
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  • At low temperatures, water does not taper like other substances, but expands, turning into ice. It serves as protection for the living organisms of the oceans.
  • Unlike other liquids, the water is very transparent. Due to this property, the deep-sea inhabitants of the seas and oceans can receive a sufficient amount of sunlight, which penetrates through the water precisely due to its transparency.
  • Not everyone knows that the surface of water is covered with an invisible elastic film. This is possible because of water molecules that form surface tension. That is why some insects can "walk" on the surface of the water.
  • The best solvent in the world is water. It dissolves oxygen, various salts, minerals, and carbon dioxide.

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Importance of water to human life

The role of water in human life can be seen in a simple example - a human itself is mostly water. A human brain contains 75–85% of water, and muscle tissue approximately 70%. Water helps to ensure that the food we eat is quickly digested and absorbed by the body.

Water in life

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Water plays an important role in the elimination of toxins and other wastes from the human body. For a person who plans to lose weight, water is the most important element, because it contributes to weight loss.

Water does not contain calories. Moreover, it contains no fat, no cholesterol, and almost no sodium. If you drink water regularly, it lowers your appetite. Also, water helps the process of processing fat in the body. It also helps to normalize the work of kidneys

Many doctors recognized the fact that sufficient water consumption is simply necessary for the fight against excess weight. If those who strive to lose weight, neglect water, then the body is simply not able to process all the fat and the desired effect can simply not be achieved.

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Water drop
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So, never deprive your body of water. About two liters of this fluid is eliminated from our body every day. The liquid is excreted through the skin, intestines, and lungs. It is noteworthy that when a person breathes, about half a liter of water is lost during exhalation per day. Therefore, it is simply vital to replenish water reserves in the body. So, the importance of water in life and human health is enormous

How much water should you drink to keep your body in health?

Of course, everyone has different circumstances, and people live in different climatic conditions. Therefore, there is no single rule, but on average a person should drink from two to three liters of water per day. If you count approximately, for the whole life a person drinks from 50,000 to 70,000 liters of water. Do not think that you should drink water only when you feel thirsty. Many experts will tell you that if you feel thirsty - it means that the dehydration has begun already.

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Water drinking
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Here are some tips to help you drink enough water throughout the day:

  • Always carry a bottle of water with you;
  • Drink one glass of water during breakfast, lunch or dinner;
  • Drink water before, after and during sports;
  • During the breaks or at work, it is better to drink water than coffee.

These are the main points about the importance of water in life, now you know more about this amazing liquid.

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