Types of poultry farming in Nigeria

Types of poultry farming in Nigeria

Nigerians have many opportunities for poultry farming as this type of business doesn’t need fertile lands and doesn’t depend much on the weather. Let us talk about the different types of poultry farming. Maybe you will find an interesting idea for your own business project and reach desired financial support for yourself and your family.

Types of poultry farming in Nigeria

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Poultry farming

Before we explain how many types of poultry farming are there and what are they, we should give a simple explanation what poultry is.

Different types of poultry farming that exist in the twenty-first century. You will soon understand that real poultry is way beyond raising just broilers and layers, as there are so many other birds that lay eggs and whose meat is delicious.

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Types of poultry

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How many types of poultry farming are there?

How profitable is poultry farming in Nigeria?

70 percent of all poultry farms prefer intensive production method instead of the free-range option), people choose to raise the same types of poultry all across the globe.

Here are the 7 most popular types of poultry farming:

  1. Chicken (for eggs and meat)
  2. Turkeys (for meat mainly)
  3. Guinea Fowl (for egg production and meat)
  4. Geese (for eggs, meat and down feathers)
  5. Ducks (for meat, eggs and down feathers)
  6. Quail (for eggs and meat)
  7. Pigeons (for meat mainly)

Some other types of poultry farming are popular in many parts of the world, but the seven birds mentioned above are the most popular all over the world, including Nigeria.

How many types of poultry farming are there in Nigeria

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Different types of poultry farming

You already know what birds are usually raised by farmers. We just want to describe each one of them briefly so that you clearly understand what are the types of poultry farming.

For example, everyone knows that chickens are extremely popular and used in mass production all over the planet. This type of poultry farming has become extremely popular since the beginning of the 20th century. Different countries export millions of tons of these birds’ meat and eggs every year.

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The most popular breeds for farming are American, English, and Mediterranean. Also, there are Asiatic chickens in the market, however, these are not breeds (there are hundreds of them) but types based on the manufacturing demands. For meat, farmers prefer chickens that grow huge (for example, Cornish Cross). For eggs, farmers enjoy chickens that reach maturity as soon as possible (White Leghorn and others).

Turkeys are also popular in many markets. Their white meat is delicious and healthy, that is why people from Canada, European countries, the USA, and other parts of the world love raising turkey in the twenty-first century. Turkeys are bigger in size than chickens and that is why they are used in contemporary farming practice.

Geese, as well as ducks, are not as popular as chickens and turkeys, but farmers from some countries love raising them to produce eggs and meat. Everyone has surely heard of the popular Peking duck loved by Americans, although this is not the only breed used across the world. Many farmers raise geese for down feathers used for making winter clothes.

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Guinea fowl and quail are two less popular types of poultry farming, but some countries love raising these birds to eat them as a gourmet meal and sometimes for their eggs.

Poultry farmer

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Now you know how many types of poultry farming are there, thus it’s only up to you which type of birds you would love to raise in Nigeria to produce meat, eggs or down feathers. It is possible to start a nice business if you have some land, desire to work with birds and the true passion for farming.

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