Mother of four who wanted one more baby surprised after delivering triplets

Mother of four who wanted one more baby surprised after delivering triplets

- A woman in the United Kingdom has delivered triplets after she tried to have one more child

- The 36-year-old woman already had four children before she decided to have the fifth child

- It was gathered that the triplets were born 10 weeks premature

Mary McCandlish, a mother of four, has gotten a beautiful surprise after she gave birth to triplets. The woman who is a mother of four had decided to have a fifth child, but God blessed her with three children instead.

The 36-year-old woman delivered three identical boys, Thai, Tyler and Tomas, in October, 2017. The babies were born ten weeks premature by Cesarean section.

According to DailyMail, Mary is looking forward to spending Christmas with her family this year. The mother of four had spent last Christmas at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow due to the fact that the babies were fighting for their lives in an Incubator.


Mother of four who wanted one more baby surprised after delivering triplets Source: DailyMail
Source: UGC

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This year the boys would be spending their first Christmas at home with their big brothers and sister.

The happy mother said: "We spent last Christmas sitting around three little incubators watching the boys fight to survive. My triplets were born 10 weeks early by cesarean section after doctors decided it would be too risky for the pregnancy to continue.

I am just 5ft 1in and felt I had done well to get to 30 weeks in pregnancy. The boys were running out of space in the womb and doctors wanted to give them the best chance to survive."

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The triplets were born ten weeks premature Source: DailyMail
Source: UGC

DailyMail revealed that the boys were allowed to go home this year after ten weeks in the hospital. The mother had noted that this coming Christmas would be the best for the family.

She said: "It will be one of the busiest in any home in the country, I'll bet. Led with laughter and fun, the way any family's should be. The older kids will be playing with mobile phones and the triplets will probably abandon their toys and want to play with the boxes.

The bond between the triplets is a close one. Mary says they only have to look at one another and they burst into giggles. If Tomas has a toy the other two will make a grab for it and the trio will erupt in laughter."

"They are either laughing or tussling with each other. And they don't mind mucking in and helping', said Mary. Having triplets in the family could either be a recipe for chaos or a master-class in being a supermum. It helped that I managed to get into a routine as soon as the boys came home from hospital."

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According to Sonographer Gayle Mctaggart, identical triplets are very rare. She said: "Identical triplets are incredibly rare. They come about after a fertilised egg divides into two and one of them splits again to create a total of three babies. All the boys share the same DNA because they started from one fertilised egg.

"We are absolutely delighted that Mary managed to carry her triplets for 30 weeks. It's a miracle considering she is only 5ft 1in and the babies shared the same placenta."

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