Phrase valar morghulis meaning in High Valyrian

Phrase valar morghulis meaning in High Valyrian

What stays behind so popular expression “valar morghulis” and “valar dohaeris?” Apparently, the popularity of these phrases is due to their appearance in one of the most popular TV series Game of Thrones. The series is a large-scale and invented universe, which its creator, the writer George Martin transferred to the pages of his book, and later HBO filmed it.

Phrase valar

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Valar morghulis meaning

Well, let's finally figure out what the famous phrase “valar morghulis” really means and what valar morghulis translation is in English. The meaning of this phrase can be translated as – “all men must die” or “all men are mortal.”

For the first time in the series, this phrase is uttered by one of Faceless Men, a group of mysterious professional killers, whose life seems to be a real mystery to the viewer. Jaqen H'ghar pronounces this phrase during the dialogue with Arya. Still, most of you will ask - “valar morghulis” what does it mean for real?

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We suggest you look a little deeper at the meaning itself and try to understand what really stands behind the words “all men must die.” Obviously, when saying this phrase, it means not so much “all men should die,” namely that “all men are mortal.” If you interpret the phrase in this way, then the motto of the Faceless Men takes on the meaning of service to Many-Faced God. Their ministry is a mission because Many-Faced God treats death as payment for life itself.

Old slavery

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But let's go back to the origins of the phrase itself. The origins of the phrase “valar morghulis” are found in the free city of Braavos. Most of the inhabitants of this city are descendants and heirs of slaves who served against their own will during the time of the slave-owning empire, which was called Valyrian Freehold.

Later, all the slaves finally decided to escape, while it was necessary to swim across the sea. And then they almost by chance were able to approach the quiet and calm lagoon, in which the free city Braavos was formed years later.

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However, long before the escape itself, slaves who often obeyed and did not submit to their masters went to serve in the so-called fire pits in Valyria as punishment. Dangerous places, where no one had a chance to stay alive for a long time. The torments that befell a person in such place were endless and cruel: permanent burns from volcanic lava, dragons, and diseases that could not be cured.

Freehold place

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But as it turned out, it was not the saddest fate of slaves trapped in such places. The fact was that slaves could not save themselves from such tortures. In other words, the slave could not commit self-slaughter and had to suffer further. And then a small group of people appeared. They presented the gift of death to the slaves. Death was the gift that helped slaves to end up a life full of torment and was understood by slaves as an act of mercy.

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Such a gift caused an incredible effect among all the slaves and gave them hope that their sufferings were not endless. It was because of this that slaves were able to realize that slavery must end. After this slaves begin to kill their masters and within a few months become absolutely free people.

As for the group of people who “gifted” people with death in moments full of suffering and despair, they became known as “Faceless Men.”

Valar morghulis - valar dohaeris meaning

"Valar morghulis - valar dohaeris" phrases could be understood when we analyze them together, as a whole part of a secret password.

Remember that:

  • Valar morghulis - “all men must die” or “all men are mortal.”
  • Valar dohaeris means – “all men must serve.”
Black&White house

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Valar dohaeris means – “all men must serve.” The phrase on High Valerian, which is often used as a password and the answer to the phrase “valar morghulis.” It is logical to assume that the true meaning of the phrase, that “all men should serve” means serving to Many-Faced God. And the gift for this service may be death. A death that comes as a gift for a man whose torment has reached its limit and can no longer be tolerated.

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Valar morghulis coin meaning

The value of the coin, which Jaqen H'ghar presents to Arya, can be interpreted in such a way that in the free city of Braavos each of the residents will quickly understand that the owner of the coin is associated with the Faceless Men and needs help.

Valor coin

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The symbols on the coin itself are signs that make it clear that they belong to those that respond to House of Black and White signs, which is located in Braavos. Thus, each of the residents of Braavos will understand that the coin holder is associated with the service to Many-Faced God and having uttered the phrase “valar morghulis” will receive any help.

The creator of the Game of Thrones initially tried to think through every little thing, including the language of his characters. For example, the inhabitants of Westeros use a standard dialect, and now in Essos, the inhabitants use one of the versions of Valerian.

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According to the book, the High Valyrian language has not been used for about 400 years and only a few people who were able to get a good education, as well as priests, use it to communicate with each other.

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