Is orange good for pregnant woman?

Is orange good for pregnant woman?

Unusual taste preferences of pregnant women formed the basis of many funny stories and even anecdotes. Oranges are fruits that many pregnant women try not to eat because this fruit is known for its allergenic properties. There is a perception that if you eat oranges during pregnancy, the child will be allergenic. So what should the expecting mother do? We are going to answer the question: "Is orange good for pregnant woman?" in our post below.

Is orange good for a pregnant woman?

Benefits of eating oranges

Everyone knows that oranges are beneficial because they contain many vitamins. And indeed, this sunny citrus, which is a hybrid of mandarin and pomelo, is very beneficial. It is a real source of substances necessary for each person. So, what healthy components are contained in oranges:

  • Vitamins. There is a whole set of them: A, B1, B3, B2, B6, B9 (known to us as folic acid), PP, E, and, of course, C (one orange contains the daily rate of this vitamin).
  • Phytoncides that help eliminate toxins and slags from the body.
  • Trace elements: iron, manganese, iodine, cobalt, copper, fluorine, zinc.
  • Macronutrients: potassium, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus.
  • Flavonoids for strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

Orange tree


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  • PectinIt removes excess cholesterol and improves metabolism.
  • Dietary and plant fiber is necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • Antioxidants help the body fight viruses and prolong the body's youth.
  • Amino acids are necessary to maintain the normal state of the body, the health of all systems and organs.

Indeed, the list of useful substances is impressive, not all phаrmacy complex vitamins have it. It would seem, that eating oranges, you will have a good mood. But most pregnant women deny themselves the pleasure of eating an orange because they are afraid of allergies in the unborn child. Not everything is so scary, and now we will explain why.

Orange slices


Is orange good for a pregnant woman?

Orange is a welcome fruit of many pregnant women. What do doctors say about the harm of oranges during pregnancy, and can this cause allergies in a child?

Most modern doctors completely agree on one thing: allergenic substances do not penetrate from the mother's body to the fetus. In other words, if you eat a product considered to be a potent allergen, the child cannot receive an allergy, because the placental barrier safely protects it. There is an opinion that after 22 weeks, allergens can penetrate the child’s body and cause an immune reaction. But this does not mean that you should completely refuse to eat oranges. Follow the measure, as with any other allergenic products.

It is impossible to guess if a child be allergic. You can only calculate the probability as a percentage, taking into account whether his mother, father or both parents are allergic. Also, the development of allergies depends on the nutrition of his mother during breastfeeding, and what he will later eat.

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Orange benefits for pregnant woman

It means that reasonable consumption of oranges during pregnancy cannot harm the unborn child and make his body prone to allergic reactions.

Pregnant women deny themselves the pleasure of eating oranges. They believe that in such a way they save their baby from allergies in the future. But it is doubtful that many of them suspect that citrus fruits are not the most potent allergens. It is just one of the products on the list of the most common allergens. Children, for example, have the least common allergies to milk (usually cow's milk), chicken, fish, eggs, and wheat flour. In a word, any products can cause allergic reactions, and all of them cannot be excluded from children`s nutrition.

Interesting to know! For example, in countries where citrus fruits are grown (Spain, Greece), pediatricians recommend starting complementary feeding with orange juice, which is considered a safe and useful product for babies.

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Oranges in early pregnancy

We tell you more about the benefits of oranges for women in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Oranges contain folic acid that is necessary for the proper formation of the fetus. This vitamin will probably be prescribed by your doctor when you are just starting to plan a pregnancy or are in the early stages. Many malformations are associated precisely with a lack of folic acid at the very beginning of pregnancy.
  • Oranges help to remove slags and toxins. At the beginning of pregnancy, most women feel morning sickness. So, eating oranges can alleviate this unpleasant condition. Many say that during pregnancy they wore orange in their purse, and during attacks of nausea they ate one slice
  • Oranges help in the fight against infectious diseases. Future mothers are especially afraid of getting sick because it is much more difficult to be treated during pregnancy - any mеdication can harm the fetus. Excellent prevention against all kinds of acute respiratory viral infections is the use of vitamin C. Oranges have a huge amount of this vitamin. Eat oranges during epidemics and do not get sick.

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Bright oranges


  • Eating oranges improves metabolism. It is crucial for the future mother, who is serious about her health. A proper metabolism is a pledge of your youth and beauty.
  • Oranges contain calcium, which is necessary for a pregnant woman. When you eat oranges, you get calcium, which strengthens your teeth and bones.
  • Eating oranges is good for working the heart. During pregnancy, the pressure on the heart and blood vessels increases, and it is vital to take care of your health. The substances contained in this citrus help the cardiovascular system to work normally.
Orange and pregnancy

Oranges and pregnancy: how many oranges a day?

Some women say that while they were waiting for their baby, they ate a kilo of oranges every day. Others, on the contrary, tried to abandon them altogether. And the one and the other is not very reasonable and justified. How much citrus can be eaten during pregnancy, and what should be paid attention to when consumed?

  • Doctors recommend 1-2 oranges per day for a pregnant woman. Of course, it also depends on the size of the fruit. After all, there are small oranges (you can eat 2 fruits) and huge ones (in this case, it’s better to be limited to one).
  • If you want to eat 2 oranges at once, check the response of your body to this fruit. On the first day, eat one or two slices. If you do not notice any side effects, you can add the number of slices the next day.
  • After eating an orange, rinse your mouth. Organic acids, in the composition of the fruit, harm tooth enamel.
Oranges in dew


When oranges are not good for a pregnant woman and her unborn baby?

No matter how useful this fruit may be, there are people, who have contradictions to this fruit. Even if you always ate oranges before pregnancy, and everything was just fine, you often become more susceptible to various external factors while carrying a child. The pressure explains everything that the body confronts during pregnancy. Oranges are not allowed if:

  • You have stomach problems. Due to the high acid content, oranges are contraindicated for those who have gastritis with high acidity, gastric or duodenal ulcer. Sometimes diseases of the gastrointestinal tract make you aware of them only during pregnancy. So, if you have unpleasant sensations, pain or heartburn in your stomach after eating an orange, it is better to stop eating these fruits and give preference to others which do not have much acid.
  • You have diabetes. Oranges contain sugar, which means their use is not recommended for people with diabetes. If you do not have this disease, and there is only a tendency to it, you should be careful with eating any fruit.
  • You are predisposed to allergies. The body of a pregnant woman often produces allergic reactions to products that previously did not have them. Therefore, eat oranges carefully. If you notice any signs of allergies (itching, rash, redness of the skin, etc.), it is better to stop consuming this fruit.

When can the pregnant woman not eat oranges?

Orange juice during pregnancy

Some women say that the most desirable drink during pregnancy was orange juice. Is it dangerous for the future mother? Will this drink harm the baby? Doctors believe that if you take orange juice wisely, it cannot bring harm to the child. The daily amount of such a drink should be of 1 - 2 glasses per day.

A pregnant woman who wants to drink orange juice should know the following:

  • You can drink orange juice if you have no allergies or stomach problems.
  • Freshly squeezed juice with pulp contains a lot of substances needed during pregnancy. There are also vitamins in packaged juices, but some of them are lost during boiling and packaging.
Fresh orange juice


  • Try to limit the use of juice to 1 glass a day and refrain from eating citrus in another form these days.
  • Dilute orange juice with water, this way, the acid will not harm your stomach.
  • You can drink orange juice, diluting it with other juices, such as pumpkin or apple.
  • Wash the oranges well before making orange fresh.
  • Do not drink packaged juice opened more than 24 hours. You should drink freshly squeezed juice immediately after you have squeezed it.

It is especially important to preserve health during pregnancy, so you should refuse bad habits and limit food that could harm the baby.

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