Long dress styles you have to wear in 2018-2019

Long dress styles you have to wear in 2018-2019

See long dress styles you must wear in 2018-2019. What are the latest trends for maxi gowns? Let’s find out the main features of tailoring, trim and color palette for long dresses this fashion season.

Long dress styles

What are the fashion trends released by designer’s conveyor for dresses 2018-2019 onto the streets in Nigeria and the whole world? New trends of elegant dresses allow women to move away from boring styles as much as possible.

Long red dress (Christian Dior)

Long red gown (Christian Dior); photo: www.vogue.ru

Long dress with embroidery (Christian Dior)

Long gown with embroidery (Christian Dior); photo: www.vogue.ru

Long dress styles

The trendy long gown is the number one in the wish list of any fashionista. What are maxi dresses “asked” for the wardrobe next season? Designers with two hands vote for femininity and tenderness! Lace and transparent fabrics, flowers and polka dots, dresses made of leather and dresses-flowers with huge flounces - choose any (or rather several at once!) And feel like a true fashionista!

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Long dress with chiffon (Marchesa)

Long gown with chiffon (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Long beige dress (Christian Dior)

Long beige gown (Christian Dior); photo: www.vogue.ru

Hot trends for long dresses in the hot season 2018-2019:

  • a mermaid style;
  • a straight and A-line silhouette;
  • a shirt-tailoring;
  • minimalistic styles without extra details;
  • full-size flower-bed dresses;
  • draperies;
  • Greek style;
  • multi-tiered "gypsy" skirts;
  • cutouts on the sleeves and abdomen;
  • patchwork;
  • leather straps;
  • high side cuts on the skirt of dress;
  • cold shoulders;
  • asymmetrical shoulders;
  • ethnic ornament;
  • transparent gowns with an underdress.
Long chiffon dress (Oscar de la Renta)

Long chiffon gown (Oscar de la Renta); photo: www.vogue.ru

Long yellow dress with decolette (Pamella Roland)

Long yellow gown with decolette (Pamella Roland); photo: www.vogue.com

What details will make your dress especially relevant:

  • trimming with contrasting ribbons;
  • decor in the form of bows-ties;
  • flounces;
  • cutouts;
  • asymmetrical hemline;
  • fringe;
  • sequins;
  • large floral print;
  • floral appliqués and embroidery;
  • huge flowers-brooches;
  • folk motifs;
  • wide leather belt-corset or "army" belt with a metal buckle;
  • black and white color combinations;
  • kilted seams in the waist area;
  • patch collars.
Long dress-shirt (Carolina Herrera)

Maxi dress-shirt (Carolina Herrera); source: www.vogue.com

Unique long dress styles


One of the most popular styles of women's dresses of the 2018- 2019 season is a shirt dress. Maxi gown with long sleeves or without them – you can choose any variant! Such straight dresses with many buttons in the front are very diverse and numerous in new fashion collections.

Long dress-jacket (Marchesa)

Maxi dress-jacket (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com


The double-sided (or single-sided) long dress-jacket is also trendy. It’s a perfect outfit for casual and office style. If you add the fringe at the hemline, you can get evening attire.

Mallet dress (Andrew Gn)

Mallet gown (Andrew Gn); photo: www.vogue.com

Mallet gown

The train can be not used only in a wedding dress. Long gown with a multilevel skirt mallet is a great choice for a festive look. Mallet dresses came back in fashion successfully. As usual, such gown is decorated with ruffles or lace around the hemline. Trendy mallet dress can have a contrasting top and a double skirt effect.

Dress in the style of lingerie (Tadashi Shoji)

Gown in the style of lingerie (Tadashi Shoji); photo: www.vogue.com

Dress in the style of lingerie

Dresses in the style of lingerie are again among the favorite options of the fashion collections 2018- 2019. Their main features are thin straps, lace trim, silk and satin fabrics. Dress in the style of lingerie was approved by Princess Diana. She wore such gown at the gala evening of the Metropolitan Museum. Modern fashionistas take it on various occasions too.

Translucent chiffon dress (Marchesa)

Translucent chiffon gown (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Translucent chiffon dress

Translucent or even completely transparent dresses are trendy again. Designers offer the most courageous and extravagant to wear them even without a bra. Well, if you do not set a goal to shock the others - choose the models with the decor in the ‘right’ places. In any case, long chiffon dress looks very feminine and gives you everyone’s attention with all 100%!

Long crochet dress (Rebecca de Ravenel)

Long crochet dress (Rebecca de Ravenel); photo: www.vogue.ru

Crochet dresses

One of the most beautiful trends of 2018- 2019 is crochet dresses. The airy "perforated" texture and intricate openwork look stunning. Designers suggest wearing them on the beach, for example, as well as gala occasions.

Lace dress (Rebecca de Ravenel)

Lace gown (Rebecca de Ravenel); photo: www.vogue.ru

Lace gown styles

Long lace dresses are always elegant and beautiful. Take them both at the festive events and on weekdays. In the new fashion collections of clothes, there are both evening dresses made of ‘dramatic’ black lace and trendy color variants of lace dresses for every day.

Long dress with openwork embroidery

Long gown with openwork embroidery (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Dresses with openwork embroidery

Continuing the theme of lace styles, the designers remembered about the other techniques of openwork embroidery as ‘rishiele’ and ‘hardanger.’ Long dresses with openwork embroidery look amazing - spectacular, feminine and very beautiful.

Patchwork gown (Carolina Herrera)

Patchwork dress (Carolina Herrera); photo: www.vogue.com

Gowns with patchwork and mix of prints

Handmade is the most popular and hot trend in 2018-2019 seasons. It has a lot of variations. Patchwork is also in the list of handmade tech favorites. Dresses made with pieces of different fabrics with various prints look very attractive! The pieces are connected in different and sometimes unusual ways. For example, the ‘patches’ can have very diverse forms - from frills to wedges.

Dress with flounces (Andrew Gn)

Gown with flounces (Andrew Gn)www.vogue.com

Dresses with ruffles and flounces

The flounces’ trend in the season 2018-2019 reaches its maximum. Designers decided that frills cannot be much. They decorated long dresses with frills and flounces almost from head to toe. So the flounces adore trendy women's maxi dresses this season not only as decor but also as the main element.

Long dress styles you must wear in 2018-2019

Long dress styles you must wear in 2018-2019 (Tadashi Shoji); photo: www.vogue.com

Long gown with paillettes (Andrew Gn)

Long dress with paillettes (Andrew Gn); photo: www.vogue.com

Gowns with paillettes

Dresses with sequins still occupy one of the leading places in the women's wardrobe. Shimmering and shimmering, long beaded gowns are the best outfit for the red carpet!

Long pleated dress (Christian Dior)

Long pleated gown (Christian Dior); photo: www.vogue.ru

Pleated dress (Christian Dior)

Pleated gown (Christian Dior); photo: www.vogue.ru

Pleated dresses

Feminine style and romantic long pleated gown is an inseparable couple. Take these dresses on weekdays and holidays!

Long gown with drapery (Marchesa)

Long dress with drapery (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Gowns with drapery

In the top fashion trends 2018 - 2019 we can see drapery. With the help of smooth lines of draped fabric, designers draw silhouettes giving relief to the stature and originality to the outfit.

Long one-shoulder gown (Andrew Gn)

Maxi one-shoulder gown (Andrew Gn); photo: www.vogue.com

Asymmetry dress (Oscar de la Renta)

Asymmetry gown (Oscar de la Renta); photo: www.vogue.ru

Asymmetry dresses

Maxi gowns with asymmetrical tailoring never go out of fashion. This is the easiest way to make an image special and as attractive as possible. Long dresses with maximum asymmetry will be joined to almost classic one-shoulder models. At the same time off shoulder long dress is also relevant.

Gown with degradation effect (Schiaparelli)

Dress with degradation effect (Schiaparelli); photo: vogue.ua

Gowns with degradation effect

Stunningly beautiful dresses with gradient color transitions are still popular in 2018-2019. Designers offer to combine ombre with sequins and pleating.

Long dress with feathers (Marchesa)

Maxi gown with feathers (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Dress with feathers (Marchesa)

Gown with feathers (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Dresses with feathers

Weightless feathers are the best way to give tenderness, fragility, and femininity to the image. Designers use feathers for small trim as well as adore large part of the outfit, for example, the entire skirt or bodice.

Long gown with fringe (Prabal Gurung)

Long dress with fringe (Prabal Gurung); photo: www.vogue.com

Gowns with fringe

Fringe is not used only as decor. Trendy long dresses 2018- 2019 are adorned with long silk fringe in the form of flounces and draperies. Fringe even plays the role of sleeves!

Dress with polka-dots (Andrew Gn)

Gown with polka-dots (Andrew Gn); photo: www.vogue.com

Dresses with polka-dots

It’s another cute retro trend. Having returned to the fashion Olympus, the polka dot print took one of the main places among the patterns. There are a lot of polka-dot prints in the latest fashion collections. We can see black and white or multi-colored as well as small or large. The hit of the season is a combination of several polka-dot prints of different sizes in one outfit.

Long dresses with flower print

Long gowns with flower print; photo: www.od9jastyles.com

Long dress with floral print (Andrew Gn)

Long gown with floral print (Andrew Gn); photo: www.vogue.com

Gowns with flowers

Floral prints, voluminous appliqués, embroidery and large roses made of fabric are relevant this season. Nigerian fashionistas will be pleased with an abundance of flowers in women's clothing. A dress with a floral print is ‘must have’ for every lady. Select bright flowers and do not be shy! Long dress Ankara styles are a great choice!

Long white dress (Andrew Gn)

Long white gown (Andrew Gn); photo: www.vogue.com

White dresses

The white color is at the peak of popularity in 2018-2019 seasons. So we advise you include such dress into the wardrobe.

Long orange dress (Versace)

Long orange gown (Versace); photo: www.fashion-woman.com

Trendy colors of long dresses 2018- 2019

You can find, probably, any tone in the collections of long dresses. In addition to always trendy white dresses, which are clear favorites of the season, there are a lot of models in the fiery tones - yellow, orange and red. Take a closer look at them. After all, in the trendy Panton color palette, these colors are in priority.

Long festive dress (Marchesa)

Maxi festive dress (Marchesa); photo: www.vogue.com

Long dress with flowers (Christian Dior)

Long gown with flowers (Christian Dior); photo: www.vogue.ru

Colorful long dress (Prabal Gurung)

Colorful long gown (Prabal Gurung); photo: www.vogue.com

There lots of stunning long dress styles for creating bright images! In 2018-2019 we can see a lot of décors and various types of trim, bright colors and complicated tailoring. Don’t hesitate to use these features. Be trendy!

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