Jay Jay Okocha’s biography and family

Jay Jay Okocha’s biography and family

Do you wish to know more exciting facts from Jay Jay Okocha biography? The celebrated Nigerian footballer keeps thousands of hearts excited with his action on a field. How much do you know about him? Read to check!

Jay Jay Okocha’s Biography

Biography of Jay Jay Okocha in brief

You may know him as Jay Jay Okocha, but the full name of the former Super Eagles captain and a professional footballer is Augustine Azuka "Jay-Jay" Okocha. He was born in Enugu, Enugu State, in Nigeria.

How Old is Jay Jay Okocha?

Jay Jay Okocha age is 45. Jay Jay Okocha was born on August 14, 1973.

Football "in the Blood"

The start of Jay Jay Okocha professional football career is dated 1990 when the young but talented footballer joined Enugu Rangers. Now, people know Jay Jay Okocha as one of the best football players of all times in Africa!

He has a brother – Emmanuel, who is also a respected person in the world of football. During childhood, like any other boys, they played football together with the rest of kids in the street. These talented players seem to in the process of creating a football dynasty. Jay Jay Okocha has a nephew – Alex Iwobi, who followed a good family tradition and also plays football.

Jay Jay Okocha’s family

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What are “Super-powers” of Jay Jay Okocha?

  • excellent technique;
  • skills in effective maneuvering with a ball;
  • creative play;
  • sizzling skills;
  • confidence on how to lead a ball to reach the goal;
  • breathtaking performance;
  • use of feints.

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The footballer has dual citizenship:

  • Nigerian (as Jay Jay Okocha);
  • Turkish (as “Muhammet Yavuz”).

Yes, Jay Jay Okocha has built a successful football career in Nigeria and abroad, what about his personal life? Is he as successful?

Jay Jay Okocha's Wife

Jay Jay Okocha’s wife

A talented football player and a perfect husband, Jay Jay Okocha is married to a gorgeous lady Nkechi. Their wedding took place in 1997. They gave birth to two children: a son A-Jay and a daughter Daniella.

Jay Jay Okocha's Son

As it was mentioned earlier, the name of Jay Jay Okocha’s son is Ajay. He is the only son of a footballer. Furthermore, Jay Jay calls his son “the best friend” and spends lots of time playing football and attending sports events.

Jay Jay Okocha’s son

Where is Jay Jay Okocha Now?

During his football career, Jay Jay Okocha gained both national and international appreciation among fans. He is adored by thousands of young boys who wish to grow up and play “like Okocha”.

The professional career of a footballer ended for Okocha in 2008. He had no red cars and scored 14 goals. The main reason why he left football and got retired is a lack of enough playing time.

What does Jay Jay Okocha do after retirement? Let’s see!

  • He buit a night club named nightclub “Club 10”.
  • He was elected Vice Chairman of the Delta State Football Association (DFA).
  • In March 2015 he became the chairman of this association.
  • In June 2016, Jay Jay Okocha founded an organization and Okocha Football for UNITY Competition.
  • Jay Jay Okocha works with Bundesliga Legends Network to improve awareness of the league within key target markets.

One has to say that Jay Jay Okocha is an excellent example of how a usual boy playing football in the streets can become an international football star. Follow your dreams and success will come true!

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