How to use washing machine in a right way step by step?

How to use washing machine in a right way step by step?

Almost every home have a washing machine and for its correct use, you must know at least the basic rules. We are happy to tell you how to use washing machine the right way, and not break it down. Especially if you are using it for the first time.

How to use washing machine step by step?

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How to use a washing machine for the first time

Connecting and installing a washing machine

How it works will depend on the correct installation of the washing machine. In order for your machine to be installed efficiently, you can use the services of a specialist. Here we only briefly describe this process.

First you need to remove the shipping bolts. They are located at the rear of the case and are needed for safe transportation. You unscrew them and install the plugs in their place. Plugs are included with the machine.

It is necessary to pre-select a suitable place for washing machine. This place should be located near water and sewer pipes. This position will be very convenient for further connection. It is very desirable to have a separate outlet protected from water for this home appliance.

In most apartments there are only two wires. And if there is an opportunity to make a line with grounding for a washing machine, then it is better to do it. Grounding will protect you from electric shock when you touch the metal case. Most models are designed specifically for work with a three-wire outlet that is grounded.

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Connecting the washing machine. Next we need to connect the washing machine to cold water and to the sewage system. If you already had a machine, then you just need to fasten the bay gate to the old place and install the drain to place where it was before. In the event that your pipes are not prepared for connecting the machine, you will need to do a tie-in with a tap to shut off the water and take care that there is a place to stick the drain hose. Usually it is connected to the sewer pipe. Sometimes people do drain through the bath.

Then you need to make sure that your machine stands still. To do this, use the level. If it shows that the machine is skewed, then we will increase or decrease the legs so as to straighten it. In order to do this, you just need to twist them in one direction or another.

Installing a washing machine for someone may seem complicated. For others, the opposite. First way: we advise you to contact the master, he will do everything efficiently and quickly. Second one: you can also watch instructions in the video format.

How to use washing machine?

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Instructions for using the washing machine

There are people who believe that they understand how to use a washing machine properly and do not even read the instructions. We recommend you carefully read the instruction manual for household appliance before starting to use it. Manufacturers indicate the important rules of operation, the violation of which can lead to incorrect operation or even breakdown of the machine.

So you need to read the instructions before proceeding to wash. Remember all the important points that are associated with the use of a washing machine. Read information about the different modes and capabilities of your home appliance. It may be easier to read the instructions next to your machine. There, on the spot, you will be able to study the location of the buttons, the ability to select different programs and other small but important details of operation.

Learn how to choose programs. Find out how long to wash them. Remember how to start the machine and how to stop it, if you suddenly need it. Different models may have their own subtleties in management. And if you have studied one machine thoroughly, this does not mean that you will be able to control the others just as easily.

How to use washing machine to wash clothes

Before you begin washing, be sure to remove all items from the pockets. People often forget to do it. And erase their money, documents and even cell phones. Do not be inattentive. After all, washing those things that you’ve forgot to get out of your pockets can be harmful not only to things themselves.

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It is not uncommon that pins pierce the hatch cuff. This may cause a small leak. Or small coins get into the filter or even the drain pump. It also happens that a foreign object between the tank and the drum of the machine appears. This can lead to incorrect work and breakdowns. Therefore, be careful and check your pockets before washing!

It is also necessary to separate white and colored linen. This is done so that your white and light things are not stained when molting colored items of clothing. It is recommended to wash bras in special containers. Since they often drop bones, which can also damage the machine.

How to use machine?

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How to operate washing machine after all the preparations

Make sure the machine is connected to an electrical outlet. Check the position of the shut-off valve; it should be in the position that allows water to flow into the washing machine. Then pour the powder into the special compartment of the dispenser. You can also add air conditioning or other cleaning agents. Close the dispenser. Select a program and run the wash.

Washing may take some time. The duration of the wash will depend on which program you use, on the set temperature, and on how well the water flows. For example, if the pressure of the water is very weak, then it may take more time, since the rise of water to the desired level will be slower.

Usually immediately after the end of the wash, you can still see the lit sign of the lock. This means that the machine should still be closed. It does not last long. Up to three minutes. Then the light flashes. This means that you can get and hang clothes. If you are not satisfied with the quality of washing, then you can run it again. Also, when washing large things, such as a down jacket, it happens that the laundry detergent leaves white marks. This is due to the fact that the thing is too large and dense. Therefore, the rinse powder is not washed. In order to solve this problem, we recommend returning the down jacket to the drum and restarting the rinsing.

Now you know how to use a washing machine and it will not be a problem for you to clean your clothes fast and with no special effort!

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