Baby shower ideas for girl and boy

Baby shower ideas for girl and boy

The traditional American baby party ‘Baby shower’ is increasingly gaining popularity in Nigeria, however, not everyone knows what a wonderful day can be arranged for the future mother by her friends 3-4 weeks before the birth. Let's discard all superstitions and prejudices and try to turn one day from long weeks and months of waiting into a cute, unforgettable day for a pregnant woman.

Baby shower cakes ideas for girl and boy
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What to start with?

If your girlfriend is waiting for a baby, ask her for the expected date of birth. It is best to arrange a baby shower a month before the baby is born, and if a pregnant woman has health problems, it’s best to have a party 5-2 months before birth. In this case, you, firstly, will not be late with the date of the event, and, secondly, it will be physically easier for the expectant mother to respond to your invitation a few weeks before the birth, rather than a few days.

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Baby shower cakes ideas for girl and boy

You can instruct everyone who comes for the evening to bring something sweet as well as a gift. And you can order a beautiful cake or make it yourself. Choose any of the ideas we show you below. You can also find Baby shower cake ideas for twin boy and girl.

The room decoration

The room in which the Baby shower takes place is usually decorated in a festive mood depending on the baby's gender. The chair for the pregnant woman can also be decorated in a special way.

Which scenery should you have?

All games and conversations on the Baby shower are usually reduced to the topic of family, pregnancy, childbirth, childhood and parenting.

Games for Baby shower

  • Guess who's in the portrait?

Each guest brings her baby photo to the party. All photos are collected, posted or laid out in one place and numbered.

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Players look at portraits, then they give out a piece of paper and pens to everyone. Near each number on their piece of paper participants must write who, in their opinion, is is in the photographs. The one with the most correct answers wins.

  • Question - answer

This is a very fun game. Participants are invited to pull one piece of paper out of the box with questions, and then immediately - out of the box with answers. Pulling out, the players read out loud the question they got and the answer to it.

A list of questions:

  1. Do you feed your husband every day?
  2. Do you get up in the morning with a smile?
  3. Does your husband call you ‘sweet candy’?
  4. Does your child listen to you?
  5. Do you take the baby to the store?
  6. Do you play with your child every day?
  7. Do you read newspapers that your husband loves?
  8. Do you shout at the neighbors?
  9. Are you happy with your family?
  10. Do you know the secrets of your husband?
  11. Do you make hairstyles in expensive salons?
  12. Do you apply makeup before bedtime?
  13. Do you brush your teeth every day?
  14. Does your husband give you flowers?
  15. Does your husband lick the plate after eating?
  16. Do you raise the voice on the child?
  17. Do you fall out of bed when you have a bad dream?

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Baby shower cakes
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List of answers:

They may depend on your creativity and the level of fun you want to have.

  • Women's stories

During tea, each woman in a circle tells a story from her life on a given topic. Topics may be: ‘A funny story from the life of your children or from your childhood,’ ‘How I learned that I was pregnant,’ ‘Sayings of our children,’ etc.

  • Compose verse

Everyone gets a piece of paper with rhymed words. The task is to compose a verse, where at the end of each line there will be a given rhyming word.

  • Unscramble the words

The pieces of paper contain words on the topic of motherhood and baby care, but all the letters should stand apart. Players must guess what words are encrypted on the piece. For example: abyb (baby), omm (mom), etc.

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At the end of the evening there comes the most interesting part – opening of gifts. The celebrant opens the presents in turn and then shows them to all the guests.

The task of the female friends is to help the pregnant woman compactly fold all the gifts and bring them to her home or car. Be sure your friend will remember this evening for a long time!

The essence of Baby shower

The Baby Shower pays a special care and attention to the pregnant woman before her birth. Also on this day, friends and relatives give presents to the mother. They will be useful both to the child and to the mother herself.

The support and love of girlfriends in the last weeks before childbirth are especially important for a pregnant woman, because it is known that pregnant women are much more sensitive and vulnerable than their friends who are not expecting a baby. Gifts will also make the day brighter, more pleasant and of course useful.

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Should it be a secret?

You can prepare the Baby shower in two ways: secretly and openly. The secret way assumes that you will not tell the pregnant woman about your intentions to make the holiday.

You will need to come up with a reason for the pregnant woman to come to her Baby Shower. For example, let that friend of hers, in whose house the party will be going, invite her over.

In this case, it is necessary to warn all those invited to the party so that they do not accidentally reveal your secret. Everyone prepares gifts for the Baby Shower, agrees on the venue for the celebration, the moderator prepares the program, and all this is done secretly in order to make it a pleasant surprise.

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