Most successful club in the world in 2018

Most successful club in the world in 2018

With millions of football fans who live in and outside Nigeria, it is curious to learn more about the most successful club in the world in 2018. There are so many teams to cheer for that, it can be hard to say which squad is more successful. True fans would always say that their club is the best. However, personal tastes do not necessarily match the real rankings based on the number of trophies earned by the team throughout the history of the club.

Most successful club in the world in 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo with Real Madrid sign; photo:
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The best football club in the world

There are multiple ways how to judge which club is the most successful club in the world. Some fans pay more attention to the highest paid footballers and the number of top players per club. Others are more interested in the matches and leagues the team plays for. However, it is better to select the football club with most trophies in the world and also pay attention to how prestigious these prizes are.

Why are the last two parameters are so important for creating the ranking of the most successful club in the world in terms of trophies? There are several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, in case we only judge teams by the number of trophies won we might end up with the unknown squad that has multiple local prizes and almost no world-top trophies.
  • Secondly, we might choose the football team with the highest paid sportsmen that earn enough money throughout the year but often places second or third in the most important matches and top league games.

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What is the most successful football club in the world in 2018

Barcelona vs Real Madrid; photo:
Source: UGC

Which club is the most successful club in the world?

Even if we take into consideration the most important facts, it would still be hard to name a single club as the most successful club in the world in 2018.

Why? Well, different experts and different organizations share their own vision on who is number 1 on the planet at the current time. Thus, we’ll list different versions to give you a better idea why this or that football squad is the most successful this year.

Real Madrid (FIFA ranking)

In Europe and across the globe, Real Madrid has been known as one of the most impressive and successful football clubs of the 21st century. Based on FIFA report shared by, right now Real Madrid is the best football club in the world in 2018. It used to compete with Barcelona for this title but has finally overtaken it.

The all-time-greatest squad was named #1 after FIFA decided to recognize every winner of International Cup as the world champions. Thus, the history of football has also changed with Real Madrid reaching to the greatest achievements ever possible.

Real Madrid is the winner of many major trophies (which is really important to every true football fan). This FC has the following prizes and titles in its treasure box of soccer victories:

  • 33 League Title victories
  • 19 Spanish Club awards
  • 12 Champion League prizes
  • 5 FIFA World Cups
  • 2 UEFA Cups

According to, the world considers European Cup, UEFA, Champions League, FIFA Club as the major trophies. And all these prizes have been awarded to Real Madrid, which makes it the most successful FC with the most trophies in the world in 2018.

Rangers (European ranking)

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If we choose the best football club in the world through the European vision, we would name Rangers as the top squad with 115 trophies won.

This football club was established back in 1872. Its long history brought the club such prizes as:

  • 54 League victories
  • 33 Scottish Cups
  • 27 Scottish League Cups

According to, the team won numerous other awards, including UEFA Cup, European Cup, etc.

While this club was officially liquidated in 2012, it is still remembered as number 1 in the world even in 2018. Besides, the club received a new corporate identity and continues the history of good old Rangers.

Al Ahli (the biggest number of trophies won)

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People who are not closely following every football match and each league game have still heard of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Rangers, Chelsea, and many other famous soccer clubs. But they might know nothing about such a team as Al Ahli. At the same time, this club from Egypt can also be called the most successful thanks to the number of prizes it received throughout its history.

According to, this squad has 24 continental awards and 93 national prizes which totals 117 trophies. They might not own the most number of major and most respected trophies in the world, but their total number of victories in smaller matches make them top over Rangers and Real Madrid.

Now you have an idea which club is the most successful club in the world in 2018. Maybe it is your favorite squad, maybe you are the fan of a different club.

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