Reactions as Nigerian lady claims men should bear their wives' name

Reactions as Nigerian lady claims men should bear their wives' name

- A Twitter user has taken to the platform to opine that children should bear their mother's name and not that of their fathers

- According to her, women are the ones who have bigger roles to play in the child bearing process

- She went on to state that husbands should bear their wives' name as well, Twitter users however don't seem to agree

The feminism movement ever since its birth has been considered a controversial topic of discussion. While many people believe in equal rights, there are still some topics considered off the table of negotiation.

Twitter user, Sugabelly however, is not having any of it as she has taken to the platform to speak on the reasons why husbands and children ought to bear the woman's name and not the other way around.

She wrote: "I want to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a long time.Children should bear the name of the mother not the father, and while not necessary for families to have the same name, when they do, husbands should bear the names of their wives.This makes the most sense.

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Also, we should go back to acquiring different names at different stages in your life.People are not who they were as children and names they had in childhood or even youth may no longer suit their circumstances. Other tribes are welcome to follow suit but for Igbo people, when a man gets married, “Di Wife’s Name” - “Husband of Wife’s Name - should be added to his name."

Going further to buttress her point, she said: "1. Women incubate the pregnancy 2. Women do 95% of all childcare 3. Women do 75% of all emotional, social and physical labour required to maintain a marriage 4. Ownership is determined by equity and women have the most equity, ergo the right to the labels of ownership"

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As expected, the post gathered several reactions from people. See reactions below:

Well, it appears not so many people are ready for this table to turn.


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