Tissue paper production business plan in Nigeria

Tissue paper production business plan in Nigeria

Checkout business plan for tissue paper production. This industry is highly in demand in Nigeria nowadays. So every entrepreneur has fantastic chances to start their bright career and make a difference in our country.

Tissue paper production business plan in Nigeria

Business plan on tissue paper production

Tissue paper is one of the most in-demand products in the modern world. As the statistics states, it is used in 9 out of 10 houses in Nigeria. The demand on toilet rolls also cannot be exaggerated as they are used in the majority of different public and commercial institutions.

There are few tissue factories in Nigeria, and they cannot meet the rapidly growing demand on their production. So developing new plants and increasing levels of tissue paper production is a must for modern Nigeria. That is why, today, we want to give you a pattern of a business plan for tissue paper production.

So what do you need to do to start a tissue paper business?

First of all, it is an investigation. As it often happens, the business initiation may go wrong and come to a full stop because the study of the business was not done properly. One should carry out proper research on what he or she is going to do to make the business efficient and profitable.

Tissue paper production

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One of the options is to learn from other people's mistakes. You can study on the history and current maintenance of reputed factories, that might have already passed the period of instability. You can learn there what and how many pieces of equipment, money and stuff you will need at the very beginning.

And also, you will be able to predict further steps to success and development on the assumption of the progress of another plant, suggesting how much and for how long your business will grow from the starting point. There are also some types of courses, which can get you acquainted with the slightest details of running a business, exactly business of tissue paper production.

Business plan

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Next, you need to develop your business plan. The business plan is a so-called draft of the actual business itself. It gives you an opportunity to see a path you will lead from point A to point B. Setting specific dates, volumes and different data, you will create guidelines for you and your workers, which will show what is necessary to be done paramountly, secondary tasks, and what is more important - you will exclude unnecessary steps.

And we want to emphasize just one more time, that details are the core of everything. Pay attention to them. You need to know how much initial capital do you have and how to divide it correctly, so you could be sure that you have enough to cover tissue paper production cost. It may vary from 7 to 10 million Naira depending on the scale of manufacturing. You even need to know the concept of how the equipment you use work. Every detail from A to Z must be studied thoroughly so the process of production will run smoothly.

So what is needed to be included in your business plan?

Land parcel

Land parcel

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The most essential part of your business is a factory itself. And for it, you need a land parcel for building a plant, that will be observing a law regarding building act and environmental problems. You have to find a territory away from the residential district so that you could set your factory with all the necessary equipment and appliance for a long-term functioning. It is your responsibility to guarantee the safety for population and their properties.

Official registration

Official registration

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Now you must achieve legitimacy for your business. To do this, you have to visit the called Cooperate Affairs Commission. Here you will undergo the procedure of official registration of your business. If you register it in advance, you will save yourself from various problems that may occur in the future, for example, during some control procedures.

"Stuff" your factory

Tissue paper production in Nigeria

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As it goes, an empty building will not produce anything. You will obviously need equipment. You will need to make another little investigation to study what equipment you need at the very beginning, its quality and durability, and of course its price. With time, you will get an opportunity to modernise and update your equipment, but at the very beginning you can take into consideration purchase not so expensive machines

Raw materials

Raw materials

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Another crucial aspect of the tissue paper production is providing high-grade raw material, as quality makes difference. You must be confident of the quality of the products you are manufacturing so that the consumers will be satisfied when using it. And this satisfaction is an essential part of any business, that keep you on track on the market of this industry.


Tissue paper business

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You need to make up a team of professionals that will know their business. Skillful workers are necessary for maintaining the working process. They should know how to operate the equipment, maintain it for proper work, and repair it in case of breakage. One of the good options will be providing some extra personal development and refresher courses. You should be secure of the quality of knowledge of your stuff as well as of the quality of materials and equipment.

Standard Organization of Nigeria

Tissue paper production business plan

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Another important step is getting verification from Standard Organization of Nigeria. Before you start the mass production, this organization must verify and approve that your product meet all the requirements and can not cause any harm to its consumers.


Tissue paper business plan in Nigeria

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To conquer the market, you need proper advertising for your business. Appropriate and bright advertising will be an excellent promotion for your product, which will eventually lead to great success and development.


Delivery and suply

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Do not forget to find right and convenient solutions to supply consumers and clients with your production. Make sure that your company will deliver products on time to the organisations or stores, which engage your services. This will also add some extra points to your business' reputation.

Renovating and updating

Factory update

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When you overcome the initial period, your business may require some renovation. Take into consideration hiring more workers, getting extra space for new equipment, savings for repairing broken appliances or updating it and so on.

Our sample of the business plan for tissue paper production is relevant for any scale of production. You can customize it depending on the opportunities and start-up capital you have for the beginning. You can go for a large scale production right away if you are sure of your odds.

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