My husband is not a pedophile - Morayo clarifies her statement

My husband is not a pedophile - Morayo clarifies her statement

In recent times, news of sexual abuse against little kids have become very rampant. Sometimes, the abusers are people very close to the victim and this has led to fearful mothers taking drastic steps to protect their children.

Nigerian TV presenter, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, popularly known as Bashorun, recently made headlines after she revealed that she cannot let her husband bathe their daughter even though she trusts him very much.

A number of people found her statement distasteful as they concluded that she doesn’t trust her husband like she claims and she feels he is a pedophile. In reaction to this, the broadcaster has taken to her Instagram handle to clarify her previous statement.

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Morayo explained that her husband is a highly responsible and decent man who would never hurt any of his children but that she spoke up for women who know their husbands are molesting their children but choose to be quiet. She also revealed that she is glad to have started a conversation on the sensitive topic.

The presenter also stated that little kids should be taught boundaries at a young age so they can know when someone is trespassing.

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Hopefully her post would help change the negative opinion people have formed about her husband and understand her message better.

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