Nigerian comedian speaks on the fate of children of dead rich men

Nigerian comedian speaks on the fate of children of dead rich men

A popular Nigerian comedian named Gordons has taken to weighing in on an important philosophical issue. The gentleman who must have been pondering on the issue for quite a while fleshed his thoughts on his Instagram page.

The comedian who is a veteran in the entertainment industry commented on what the fate of the children of rich men usually is after they die. According to him, the death of a wealthy personality often leaves his or her kids vulnerable.

Because of their vulnerability and ill equipped skill set, they become irrelevant and unable to confront the challenges that life throws at them.

For Gordons, the result of this is that the children become a menace to their immediate society. Interestingly, the Nigerian comedian connected these dead rich men's children to the several cases of evil happening in the country.

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Gordons did not stop at there, he also took to calling out the names of the rich families whose children have not fared well ever since their parents died.

He particularly mentioned the Edewos, Mosheshes and Abiolas. After this, the comedian went on to call out a family whose father just died - The Anenihs. He urged the children to break the spell and go on to live meaningful lives despite the death of the bread winner.

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See his full post below:

Many Nigerians have shown their approval or disapproval of Gordon's statement. They also mentioned other families whose children had been wrecked upon the death of the rich man of the house.

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See some of the reactions below:

iamallenose: "This is very deep and thoughtprovoking brodaman. You nailed it. Teach them how to fish (process) and hand over the fish unto them (possessions) without teaching them the process."

stainlessfelix: "I was saying the same thing few days ago and I made example of the Ibru family."

freda.woodhills3: "My brother! Deep thought oo. I also think maybe we should just break the mindset of making so much money to fend for so many of our generation Just enough for the immediate family will be fine. The word of God is the only thing that will stand afterall. Hmmm."

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