Toyin Abraham's manager blasts Adeniyi Johnson over divorce accusations

Toyin Abraham's manager blasts Adeniyi Johnson over divorce accusations

Earlier, shared a story about how Adeniyi Johnson, ex-husband to popular actress Toyin Abraham, took to his Instagram page to release an open statement about how the screen diva was deliberately slowing down the divorce process between himself and her.

According to him, she was dodging the 'responsibility' of signing the divorce papers. In order to get the attention of people, Adeniyi started off by saying that not everyone was bound to get married as happiness might not exactly be found within the marital institution.

After getting people's attention with this post, the actor then went on to accuse Toyin of using delay tactics to still keep him in her life.

Well, after raising these accusations, Samuel Olatunji, the manager of the actress has taken to replying him. Big Sam, as he is popularly called, was very angry at Adeniyi's post and he has especially come out to say that the estranged husband got the whole matter twisted.

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In his epic, savage reply, the manager showed that he was displeased with the fact that the actor had brought the private matter to the eyes of the public.

After showing his disapproval at this, he then went on to counter the claims raised by the actor. Big Sam even went on to open up more secrets about the divorce proceedings and just why it has been pulled through yet.

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See his full post below:

"Dear Niyi Johnson, I’m forced to respond to you here because you mentioned my name,so I will be returning the favour. In all my years of dealing with the entertainment industry, I carefully avoid the drama that goes with the terrain. And this includes years of dealing with big brands.

Some of these brands have warned me to avoid some people from the Yoruba industry because of the attendant, unnecessary drama and here you are proving them right and giving the noble Yoruba industry bad name. You have my number, you have the number of the lawyer, and I believe you have Toyin’s number as well. This unnecessary call for attention and social media shenanigans are unnecessary.

You see why people don’t dignify your ilk with phone calls, sms or courtesy, it always end on social media. People are doing great things in real life not Instagram drama.

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Two, a simple call to your lawyer would tell you that what Lawyer Bosun called you for is the beginning of trial (court proceedings) not to come and sign divorce papers. Divorce doesn’t work like that. Three, if you depserately want a divorce, you should have filed one not Toyin; perhaps the over 1m naira cost deterred you.

Toyin, chose to bear the cost, pay her lawyer the fee and has taken the case to a considerable point. She has shown more commitment to the divorce proceedings than you. In more than three years of separation you just filed a ‘cross petition’ last month while she has been at it in the court for over a year.

She has ‘allowed you go’ a long time and we all can see what that has done to her life and career. Please come down from your Instagram high horse, real court issues happen outside of social media. She changed lawyer and he has moved faster than we anticipated. It was out of courtesy that I called you to ask for your address. I told you I’d call for if there is any new development.

And a piece of advise from me, you need to stop using your past relationship to generate talkability, you have talents and new relationship, they should be enough. That is what you should focus on; stop focusing on what you don’t have, what you have should be enough. Selah!"

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Many Nigerians are sitting pretty still while watching how this will all play out. This accusation raised by Adeniyi Johnson and the reply given him by Big Sam has more significance in light of the recent interview the actress granted.

In the interview, she talked about how she rose to fame despite coming from a poor background. Her success story is indeed an inspiring one that is both gripping and emotional. ( -> We have updated to serve you better

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