Shipping from USA to Nigeria: Rules and Tips

Shipping from USA to Nigeria: Rules and Tips

What are the rules of shipping from USA to Nigeria? Nigeria is a developing country, which provides its residents with a possibility to use foreign goods. Read the article to know what items you can purchase in the USA and how to ship them to Nigeria!

Shipping from the USA to Nigeria: Rules and Tips

Nigeria has a vast population, which keeps growing and developing both economically and socially. These factors provide enormous opportunities for people. The problem is that rather often people cannot find the necessary item of clothes, techniques, cosmetics, etc. among the products offered by the local market.

The only way out is to purchase them from abroad. However, the first difficulty that meets any customer at once is shipping of a parcel to Nigeria, which can even exceed the sum spent on the item. To purchase, or not to purchase, that is the question!

How to Ship to Nigeria

In this article, you will find the rules and tips on how to ship goods from the US to Nigeria as well as the cost of such transportation.

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All the packages are divided into two categories:

  • Documents and small parcels. The cheapest courier can ship these items to Nigeria like FedEx, DHL, and USPS.
  • Large packages. To deliver the following types of a parcel, it is better use sea or air freight service providers (like Zenix Carex International, Saima Nigeria Limited, Creaseada International Limited, etc.).
How to ship to Nigeria

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It is not a great surprise that each country has its own rules for goods which are shipped from abroad. Nigeria is not an exception. There are good that are not allowed to be shipped to Nigeria.

What items are prohibited for shipping to Nigeria:

  • footwear of any kind
  • Police whistles
  • Musical instruments and their parts
  • Weapons and air pistols (except the one used for hunting).
  • Any kind of traveler’s checks.
  • Live birds and their eggs
  • Blank invoices.
  • Meat and vegetables, etc.

Among the tips, which can be given to a beginner are:

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  • fill out the first and the last names correctly;
  • take notes to avoid difficulties: write down your address in the USA, login, and password in a notebook;
  • check all the information twice before confirmation.

How to Ship Goods from US to Nigeria

There are several easy steps to deal with a shipping process:

  • Get your address in the USA.
  • Do some shopping and ship the parcels onto your own address in the USA (a member of staff will contact you when they receive packages and prepare them for a shipment procedure).
  • Consolidate your parcels and ship them into your address in Nigeria.

In case if your shopping was successful and you have bought a lot of things, the parcel may exceed the size of a small package. What should you do then?

You can use shipment service of such reliable providers:

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How to Ship Goods from the US to Nigeria

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Cost of Shipping from USA to Nigeria

When you finish forming an order, the first question you will ask is “What is the cost of shipping such a parcel to Nigeria?”. There is a diverse choice of shipping companies in Nigeria, which offer their delivery services. The next question raised is how much time you have and how much money you are ready to spend on transportation.

If you wish to find out the exact cost for shipping, you can visit the official website of a selected provider or courier company. There, you can find a shipping price calculator. Enter the place from which the package will be sent, the destination, size of a box, and its weight.

The delivery of small packages by courier usually takes 3+days from the USA to Nigeria. The shipment of a large parcel will take approximately the same time or less. The terms primarily depend on the distance and conditions, offered by a provider for transportation.

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If you still have any questions, you should consult the company representative. He will give you enough information on your order.

Note that a selected provider can take additional charges which are usually factored by the process of transportation and check on Customs.

For a higher level of convenience, different providers offer solutions, which allow customers to do shopping, request for shipping and save some money on it. Choose the one you like and enjoy international shopping!

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