20 social changes to be done in Nigeria for bright future

20 social changes to be done in Nigeria for bright future

Have you ever thought about the possible bright future in our country? What are the 20 social changes in Nigeria that can change the life of the next generations? Let us talk about the importance of such improvements and alterations needed in modern society and influenced by the whole world.

Major social changes needed in Nigeria

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The concept of social change

What is social change? What can it mean to Nigerian people? We wish to discuss the concept of social change because such a discussion will clearly explain why our country and many other countries across the globe require such changes for the bright future.

Social change can be described as any major modification in the basic structure of the society or social institution that have a huge influence on family life, politics, economy, religion, education, etc.

It is hard to underestimate the importance of social change because it leads the modern society to the future, and without such changes, the bright future is impossible because the world is changing every other minute.

Those countries that wish to follow technological development, global transformations and innovations should also welcome social change in modern society and implement such alterations within their local communities.

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Top 20 major social changes to be done in Nigeria

Time runs and changes so fast that modern societies often cannot catch up with it. Many major social changes in Nigeria that have already taken place seemed like science fiction at the end of the 20th century. But here they come, real and possible, in the 21st century with only several decades in between.

For example, we couldn’t imagine that electric cars can become driverless or the world can get crazy over digital currency. Now, this is the reality that everyone knows and even can no longer imagine the planet without such changes.

Anyways, social change in modern society happens all the time, and we wish to think about the 20 social changes that need to be done in Nigeria these days or pretty soon to achieve the bright future.

1. Free & affordable education

The world is developing so fast that new educational programs, new professions are created yearly and people who are educated are the ones ruling the world. These days, unfortunately, not every Nigerian can can afford to go to school and later enter the university to obtain higher education, and this social change is highly expected to help the society gain knowledge and adjust to the quick changes made on the planet.

2. Distance education

Just like it is important to attend high schools and colleges/universities, it becomes extremely important to offer distance education opportunities across Nigeria. This way people who live in rural areas can potentially access educational programs and study at home after work and on the weekends.

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Social changes in Nigeria need to be done for bright future

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3. Internet connection

Distant education and numerous other possibilities and social changes are impossible without a good internet connection. It is necessary to provide the Internet into every corner of the country because all Nigerian people deserve the right to get free or affordable distant education and knowledge no matter where they live.

4. Mobile connection

According to forbes.com, the world will account more than 5 billion people who are active internet users and over 80 billion gadgets that are connected to the worldwide network by 2020.

What does it mean? There will be the next social change in modern society when people would spend even more time online than they do nowadays, and their work, surroundings, and home would be combined into one major sphere.

Nigerians should be ready for such changes, learn how to use mobile internet on-the-go and turn it into the opportunity to not just communicate with friends and relatives but also to earn money in such a new life situation with digital assistants and cloud technologies surrounding every person.

5. Real connectivity

It is necessary for Nigerians to adjust to the new ‘real connectivity’ reality that would soon come into our lives and conquer over everything we are used to.

It is believed that in the future everything would become ‘smart’ like light, governance, working mobility. This can create new opportunities for companies and individuals who wish to develop their business and services in this new future. In other words, society has to focus on innovations and gain necessary knowledge beforehand.

Future social changes in Nigeria

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6. Online shopping

The world is already expecting every successful company to have both physical stores and online platforms. Based on these expectations, in the next 7-10 years, online sales could grow to over 4 trillion U.S. dollars. In other words, when the society is ready to spend money online, billions of people will understand how beneficial it is to shop from the comfort of your house, and businesses will create their virtual presence online giving the opportunity to every potential customer to make a= purchase through the website.

7. Personalized customer experience

While this is not present in modern Nigeria yet, the world is already doing its best to implement personalized customer experience. Companies in the developing societies understand how important it is for their consumers to enjoy seamless offline and online purchasing process, and they are doing everything to turn every customer into a return one by offering a unique and pleasant shopping experience for the whole life cycle of the services and goods that are purchased.

This is something the businesses from our country should also consider because the major social changes in Nigeria would require such an attitude in the future.

8. Multi-modal traveling

Not only complete mobile mobility is coming soon but also getting from one point to the other will also become smarter and more intelligent thanks to multi-modal transport systems used worldwide.

Some countries already implement such solutions when you can purchase a single ticket and use it to travel by train, underground, bus, etc. to get to your final destination. The Nigerian society will also see such changes in the future.

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A man in a car

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9. Car sharing

This is another social change that would one day conquer the whole world. Experts are sure that people would be eager to share and order vehicles through mobile applications to travel around the world. Most of the cars would be self-driving so such a change should be easily implemented when society is ready to enjoy it.

10. Global urbanization

There are many villages in Nigeria nowadays, still, the upcoming social change in modern society would also influence Nigerian people. Modern countries choose to expand their huge cities into big regions and even mega corridors. This is the influence of the 21st century, and this is something for our countrymen to be ready to.

Smaller towns and villages would soon become the parts of the bigger cities forming so-called mega-districts all across the country.

11. Aging population

This is another social change that is coming to Nigeria and other countries all over the world. Firstly, the length of life is extending. Secondly, with more elder people the country has to motivate youth to work more. Thirdly, the country has to find economical ways to support its aging people or make society do this for their relatives and family members instead.

20 social changes in Nigeria need to be done for bright future

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12. Women empowerment

These are other major social changes in Nigeria that are yet to come. More all over the world prove that they deserve to be ministers and presidents. Our country would also have to one day understand and implement such change and get used to the empowerment of ladies.

13. Well-being plus wellness

Since the health industry is becoming more expensive all over the world, the latest trend would soon become the social change for Nigerian people as well as citizens of other countries.

More women and men understand how important it is to prevent diseases and stay healthy through the changes of their mind and soul. More people choose to spend their free time in the gym and live a healthy lifestyle.

14. Eco-trend

Seeing garbage in the city streets is common nowadays Nigeria. People often throw stuff right in the streets and pollute rivers. The modern concept of social change focuses on ecology and saving the world from the pollution caused by humans.

Educating the citizens about the importance of following the world’s eco-trend is something that would soon change the society for better and this is an extremely important change needed to be done for the bright future.

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Air/water pollution in Nigeria

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15. ‘Green’ life

Along with the popular eco-trend, the whole planet is turning its face to the ‘green’ culture. More and more countries refuse to use plastic and replace it with ‘green’ packages and anything that can get a second life and be re-used.

Nigerian society will also implement this change. It is just a matter of time because the whole planet is suffering from human products that cannot be recycled and can only pollute water, air, and earth.

16. ‘Zero’ everything

This is a new social change that influences the planet and will influence Nigeria sooner or later. It also focuses on ecology, and its main idea is to implement ‘zero’ innovations to modern societies. There should be ‘zero’ emissions from vehicles. There should be ‘zero’ car accidents. There should be ‘zero’ fatalities, etc.

Different cities wish to become ‘zero’ in something, be it carbon neutral products or ‘zero’ services that are meant to help people improve their lives.

17. ‘Smart’ technologies

Another major social change coming to Nigeria one day in the future is related to technologies. Smartphones, smartwatches, smart-houses – all such products are currently popular and will become even more popular soon. The industry is focusing on producing smart technology that can create one ecosystem for each human where everything can be done from the same place, without the need to visit service providers, shops, and managers.

While not every Nigerian can currently afford to build a smart-house, many people are already using smartphones. Thus, society is already changing, and it is just a matter of time when ‘smart’ would become a significant part of every human life.

18. ‘One for many’

This is another social change that is influenced by the fast development of the Internet, mobile markets, and world globalization. While right now many Nigerian companies prefer making many products to sell more and earn more money, the upcoming social change would let them create one product and sell it all over the planet to earn even more money with less investments.

This new business model would be welcomed by society, while right now this is just a concept of social change that is yet to come.

Future of Nigeria

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19. Human rights

Even though Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in the world, it also has big issues with human rights protection. Many families still suffer from violence within the family. There are both child abuse and domestic violence reported here and there, and many people come across discrimination.

These are important nowadays problems that require social changes. How is it possible to address? It is necessary to talk to women, explain their human rights since their childhood years and teach people to respect and protect their individuality and personal freedom.

20. National identity

With nearly 200 million people, our country has a lot of different ethnic groups with their own traditions and believes. And these groups often feel being ‘separated’ from the rest of the country. The major social changes needed in Nigeria should address this problem and help people from different tribes unite into one big nation, feel a part of the huge country, and do their best to help this country develop and grow.

Actually, this is the basic social change that is needed before Nigeria can fight corruption, solve educational and health-related problems, protect human rights and make its society feel secure and happy within their own land.

We have provided our look at the 20 social changes needed in Nigeria that are yet to come to our country and all over the world.

Nigeria needs improve its ecology, learn to save energy, protect air from gas pollution, replace oil production with other types of businesses and focus on the well-being of the whole society, before our country can move forward alongside the rest of the world.

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