Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

It was a particularly diverse and dazzling set of performances at the recent LIMA awards of 2018, ranging from spoken word acts to traditional dances, to an array of stellar gospel shows. The Loveworld Music Ministry put on quite a show.

Although the Christ Embassy president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome dished out many awards to his beloved LMAM stars, he still had his favorite few. Here are the top five LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris, AKA the 'Man of God'.

1. Shepherd of My Soul - Eben

Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The multi-award-winning star, Eben received the big win as Artist of the Year. Born Emmanuel Benjamin, the widely popular gospel vocalist, songwriter, and minister is known for his Afro-pop, hip-hop, and dance-influenced melodies.

The artist has produced several hit tracks including "Imaranma", "Good Day," and "Justified". Eben has in the past won awards for Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. The Loveworld mega-star has been ministering the gospel to thousands of people both on stage and off, and also co-hosts a show with fellow musician, Martin PK. The two discuss a list of hot topics that involve music, entertainment, and the church.

2. Holy Spirit – CSO

Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

CSO's mega-hit track, 'Holy Spirit' won awards in two separate categories, Worship Song of the Year, as well as Song of the Year. According to Sharon Carissa Oyakhilome (CSO), the artist wrote the song "about the most important person here on the earth, the Holy Spirit." The musician said that when she wrote that song, she was “praying and fellowshipping with Him, He gave me the lyrics and the melody."

The song certainly evokes a strong sense of faith and belief, with the words "you are my helper, standby, advocate, my intercessor, strengthener, my counselor." The song's music video was shot in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

CSO stated that she felt the country's beautiful scenery best captures the message of the power of the Holy Spirit, saying that "the sequences emphasize what happens when you worship the Holy Spirit. He will take you out of the noisiness of the world and elevate you into His glorious presence."

It is not surprising to see where this gospel starlet gets her inspiration. As the daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the young artist was born into the Loveworld Ministry and has been ministering the gospel from an early age.

3. Something to Shout About’ - UR Flames

Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

UR Flames took home the Hit Song of the Year Award. The two-man band is made up of brothers Ussy and Razzy have been shaking up the gospel scene in the last couple of years.

Their super hit 'Something to Shout About' certainly set the theme for the entire International Partners' and Pastors' Conference, as just about every event ended with this song. The song won the award in the 'All-Star' Category. The duo's performance reportedly got the entire Loveworld Convocation arena moving, including the man himself, Loveworld president, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

The two are of course no strangers to success, with countless hits and quite a few awards for their music videos, the band has also performed on world stages for thousands of people. Some of their other beloved tracks include Somersault, Huguru, and Congratulations.

4. Jehovah - Testimony Jaga

Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

The king of Afro-pop dance music, Testimony Jaga won the award for Song of the Year in the Proto-Stars Category, for the song 'Jehovah'. The artist brought with him some jaw-dropping pyrotechnics with fiery sparks shooting out from his electric guitar as he shredded up the riffs on stage.

The artist, who was up until recently just 'the new kid on the block' is quickly taking over the Loveworld Ministry. His fresh urban sound is behind the new 'Street Gospel Movement'. The movement reaches out to troubled kids who are living on the streets of Lagos and inspires them with gospel music.

Testimony, who founded the movement has been extremely outspoken in his gratitude for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. The gospel star recently expressed in an interview for the Nigerian Tribune, that he is extremely grateful for the platform that he has received from his church leader, saying, "if every leader and pastor had the mind of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, I believe no gospel singer would have left the church for the world."

5. I Know Who I Am - Sinach

Top LIMA tracks according to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Loveworld phenom and crowd favorite, Sinach won the award for Best Female Vocalist for the song 'I Know Who I Am'. Her song celebrates identity and her unbreakable bond with God.

The award-winning songwriter and vocalist is one of the most "anointed international worship leaders of our time" and has written over 500 inspiring songs. The gospel starlet believes in writing from the heart.

As an international worship leader serving in Christ Embassy Church, Sinach has been privileged to witness first-hand the global impact of the Loveworld network. Her work has ministered to millions around the world, bringing them healing, hope, strength, and encouragement.

The artist started out with humble beginnings, as a singer in a small prayer group, she now fills up stadiums around the world. Like many LMAM musicians, she has expressed endless gratitude to her leader Pastor Chris, who is famous for fostering countless gospel musicians.

During the Loveworld Presidential awards ceremony, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome expressed his appreciation for the hard work and dedication shown by his many dignitaries and referred to his delegates as “Partners in God’s extraordinary plan for the world" and said:

“Tonight, we’re recognizing all of your Top Partners. We exceeded our goals. Several outreaches, definite impacts. We raised our visions and we got there. We’re looking at the next pedestal from there. The Lord gave us much favors. Amazing love…Thank you for making our dreams come true"

The event was broadcast live on all Loveworld networks and Ceflix.



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