Ini Edo calls out Omoni Oboli for missing the movie premiere of her supposed bestie Uche Jombo

Ini Edo calls out Omoni Oboli for missing the movie premiere of her supposed bestie Uche Jombo

Popular Nollywood actress Uche Jombo recently premiered her first directorial movie. All her friends, fans, colleagues and family members were on ground to support her as she put out her very own first movie. Everyone except the one person that most people quite expected to see.

That person was Omoni Oboli. For more than a decade, Uche Jombo and the said actress have been colleagues in the Nollywood movie industry. But even more than that, they have been deemed close friends.

Both of them have never failed to pass across the impression that they were solid friends who could not be separated by any measure.

However, on the event of Uche Jombo's movie premiere, Omoni Oboli was missing while other jolly friends and colleagues like Rita Dominic, Ufuomma McDermont, Ini Edo, Chioma Akpotha and many more were in attendance.

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Realising that her absence would be greatly noticed, Omoni Oboli took to her Instagram page to write an open message to her 'lover' Uche Jombo.

She begged Uche Jombo's pardon for not being able to attend the all important premiere. Omoni's excuse for missing the event was that she was on set and it was impossible for her to make it down to where the program was at.

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See her full post below:

"Hey lover ♥️ Still on set and hoping and praying to finish on time so I can join you in celebration of your latest movie #HeavenOnMyMind @uchejombo You know I got nothing but immense love for you…alas the show must go on!.."

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While this excuse was tenable to as many as read it, one person who did not buy into it was Ini Edo. The actress who was fully at Uche Jombo's movie premiere did not see any reason why Omoni Oboli could not make it.

For Ini Edo, the reason given by Omoni Oboli was not tenable enough to be accepted. See Ini Edo's comment below:

“There is no production in the country that would hold you back on set, knowing ur supposed bestie was premiering her directorial debut….so pls stop the sycophancy and hypocrisy….I guess its called Instagram love….however the premiere was successful so…..we’re good sis.”

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Many Nigerians have taken to weighing on this issue and casting blames on whoever they think deserve the blame. See some of the reactions below:

alicia_appearance: "I love this Ini Edo. She gave her straight to the point. no beating arrnd the bush. Frrnds my foot. Frrnds that cannot support frnds. Is that one frnds. CAPITAL NO."

sylvia_ibe: "What breaks my heart d most is that you didnt even put up d movie on your page for ppl to see. Even if you are busy, it's understandable but support is everything. @omonioboli where is this friendship? I have always admired u but for this I am totally disappointed."

Whatever the case, Uche Jombo's movie premiere went well and many have congratulated her on the success of premiering her first directed movie. The lady flush with excitement has gone on to share lovely pictures showing how the event went down.

This is coming after Omoni Oboli, Uche Jombo, Ufuoma and Chioma popularly known as the fantastic four went to Dubai for a vacation. All of them had fun and shared lovely pictures of the adventurous trip to the city of gold.

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