Gay men make passes at me for dressing like a woman - Bello Kreb

Gay men make passes at me for dressing like a woman - Bello Kreb

The advent of social media has help take some jobless youths off the streets in search of a job search to makes ends meet. Social media has made many in the comfort of their rooms millionaires via the businesses they do.

Aside that, a lot of actors, comedians have emerged and got their popularity on social media such that some of them have become what is now known as social media influencers. These set of people are ‘hot cakes’ as corporate organisations run after them to make their brands more popular.

Mention comedians on the social media especially Instagram and Josh 2 Funny and his ‘partner in crime’ Pamera will be counted.

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In a recent interview, Bello Khabir Olajide popularly known as Bello Kreb but who takes the role of Pamera in his works with Josh 2 Funny said the two friends met in church and decided to do comedy skits together.

To stand out, the two men dress up like females to crack their fans up. But their fashion choice might have cost Bello Kreb more than he bargained for. Being popular now makes him get advances from some of his female fans. He said:

“There was a time a woman older than me tried to woo me, but I was evasive. I am not ready to date a ‘mummy.’ Sometimes when I get advances from ladies, I threaten to block them. It is not like I am holy; I just want to get to a stage in my life first.”

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But that is not all as some male folks still finds him attractive because of the way he dresses and behave in his skits. He explained that it was Josh that came up with their style of dressing but it has met with mixed reactions from people.

“Josh actually came up with the character – Pamera. Interestingly, some people tell me to get a life and stop wearing female clothes for my skits. Some gay people also disturb me.”

But Bello Kreb is not all about his act with Josh 2 Funny as he has his personal comedy skit he pushes on his personal Instagram page too. He has also featured in a couple of Nollywood movies and is also into photography. had reported the story of how another internet sensation, Broda Shaggi, started his foray into stardom. He revealed that he started making comedy skits to make an impact.

Broda Shaggi explained further that he had always loved making comedy ever since he was a child. He noted that as a child, he received lots of compliments from people for being hilarious.

The comedian added that he decided to become Broda Shaggi fully in December 2017, without knowing that the character would become so popular.

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