Meet Bruno Chigozie Opara who is believed to be the hottest and the most handsome Nigerian police officer

Meet Bruno Chigozie Opara who is believed to be the hottest and the most handsome Nigerian police officer

Being a policeman has never looked any better on somebody as it does on a certain Nigerian man named Bruno Chigozie Opara.

Bruno, whose well built body and chiseled face meshes well with his crisp, clean police uniform seems to now have a reputation for being the most handsome officer in Nigeria.

This young man who hails from the southeastern part of Nigeria is building a strong profile for himself on social media as a celebrity policeman. His lifestyle and personality goes beyond the routine tasks of cuffing criminals, looking for road defaulters or taking statements from victims of robberies and the likes.

Opara lives larger than that. Not only does he visit and explore places beyond the jurisdiction of police duties, he also makes the police job look so good with the way he wears his police uniforms.

Evidently, Bruno Chigozie Opara knows he is handsome and hot. Hence, the light-skinned guy never fails to flaunt his natural endowments. From pictures of being in the gym to walking the road, eating with a family or simply chilling in his office, this officer lives his life for the gram.

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Bruno has been attracting the attention of many Nigerians lately. To these people, he is the real life 'imaginary' cop you have always only seen on the screen. The police officer who does not mind the recognition he is getting dazes his many followers with more photos of himself.

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For this reason, ladies have been following him in droves on social media as many beg him to 'arrest' them. He keeps teasing them with lovely photos.

Many others have asserted that he is the hottest Nigerian policeman. But they still believe that he is too good to be true.

See some of the reactions below:

utiuko: "So like u work in Nigeria..or there's an extension abroad..I'm confused!!"

tricia_nneka_: "Ok wait how can a Nigeria police be dis fine? Lik i don't get is dis your uniform worn in nigeria? @lydiabliss_photography come and see ooo come and see."

mhizvicky111: "I think I wanna b a cop ��"

kween__minaj: "Oga officer you too fine @o.p.a.r.a"

uchennaegbomeche: "Hello bro. My sis assaulted me , come and carry her oh"

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blankarh: "I want to be an officer of the law ��"

iamchris_ena: "This is how a police man shud look like always. All form of intelligence, neatness, calmness etc u wont feel threatened wen dey park u. Not d other dirty ones with their big dirty 2001 fubu jeans and cattle rearer canvas. Dere mouth odor dey pepper for eyes like tear gas with big big Eczema 4 neck like leopard spot. Mstweeew."

lordzbishop: "Awesome, this is the definition of a real Police Officer.. unlike those dirty ones that ridicule the police uniform."

In the meanwhile, the story of a Nigerian police officer who raps professionally on the side has also spread like wild fire. Many people could not exactly believe that the uniformed cop could rap so well. It's quite interesting to see multi talented policemen who are not afraid to take on the world. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

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