Foods to improve singing voice

Foods to improve singing voice

Do you believe in the miraculous properties of foods to improve singing voice? Voice is like an instrument you not only have to train every day, but also take care of. Read the article to know how to improve your voice by just eating your favorite food!

Foods to Improve Singing Voice

If there is an important event or a special occasion in your life soon and you wish to astonish everyone with your perfect singing, you will ask a question “How can I improve the quality of my voice?” The problem is that people have different voices, which demand individual work. Besides, singing lessons with a teacher is not a cheap pleasure for many families.

In this article, you will find out what foods to eat to improve your singing voice.

Foods that improve singing voice

proteins vitamin A hydrating products

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A good voice is like a magic key that can open the door to any heart. Vocal skills can be compared with the body of an athlete, to keep it right, an individual needs to control the quality of food he fills his body with.

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All you have to do to make your voice sound clear is to consume:

  1. Vitamin A.
  2. Proteins.
  3. Products that keep our body well-hydrated:
  • fruit (grapes, apples, peaches)
  • vegetables (celery, raw tomatoes, cucumbers)

Remember that anything that is consumed over the norm is not good. Overeating does not guarantee you a “voice of a star”. Be rational to avoid any possible allergies.

What foods to eat to improve your singing voice?

Eat to sing well

If you finally decided to go to the market to choose foods for a better singing voice, look through your “checklist for shopping” once more. It should contain the following products:

  1. Fresh fruit (oranges or watermelons).
  2. Yellow and orange fruit and vegetables. These products are rich in vitamin A. Among the ones you may like are: carrots, orange sweet peppers, cantaloupe, and apricots.
  3. Dark leafy greens (spinach and kale, which are very rich in vitamin A).
  4. Green juices (kale, cucumbers, spinach). If you do not like to eat vegetables raw, you can make a wonderful fresh that will do both hydrate your body and charge with necessary vitamins.
  5. Eggs. Boiled eggs also perform several functions for our organism: they provide vitamin A and are the source of protein.
  6. Chicken. This product is rich in protein and does not contain plenty of fat. The most use it brings if cooked on a grill with some spices.
  7. Freshly made salads. Any main course dish tastes better if followed by a salad. In this way, you can combine useful proteins with vitamin A and hydrating elements.
  8. Fish. This product is like meat – provides plenty of proteins for the body.

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If you wish to learn more about how to improve your voice, you have to know the products, which should be avoided before singing:

Do not eat these products to sing well
  • dairy products
  • beverages which contain alcohol
  • cold drinks
  • soda

To conclude, one has to mention that good voice is a result of daily work. Start practicing every day, consume necessary products, exclude the harmful ones and you will see how your musical performances will get better!

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