Bayero University Kano postgraduate courses

Bayero University Kano postgraduate courses

If you have been looking for a list of Bayero University Kano postgraduate courses, you have definitely come to the right place! Here, you can find all the courses for BUK postgraduate students.

Bayero University Kano postgraduate courses


Bayero University Kano courses for postgraduate students

There are lotS of Bayero University courses for students who want to get their Master’s degrees, Ph.Ds and PGDs. In order to make this article a little more concise, we are going to list all the BUK University courses by faculty and note what postgraduate levels are available in the brackets (Master's, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.A., M.Ed., M.Eng., PhD., PGD).

Without further ado, here are the Bayero University Kano postgraduate courses. Information is taken from the official BUK website.

Faculty of Agriculture

Department Of Agricultural Economics And Extension:

  • Livelihood and Natural Resources Economics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Agricultural Economics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Agricultural Extension (M.Sc.)

Department Of Agronomy:

  • Crops and Cropping Systems in the Dry Lands (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Agronomy (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Plant Genetics and Breeding (M.Sc.)
  • PGD in Horticulture
  • PGD in Irrigation Agronomy

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Department Of Animal Science:

  • Animal Breeding and Genetics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Animal Products and Processing (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Animal Reproductive Physiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Monogastric Animal Nutrition (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Pasture and Range Management (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Ruminant Animal Nutrition (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Dryland Agriculture with specialization in Range and Livestock Management (M.Sc. M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Animal Science

Department Of Crop Protection:

  • Agricultural Entomology (M.Sc.)
  • Phytobacteriology (M.Sc.)
  • Phytomycology (M.Sc.)
  • Phytonematology (M.Sc.)
  • Phytovirology (M.Sc.)

Department Of Soil Science:

  • Soil Science (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

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Department Of Medical Laboratory Science:

  • Chemical Pathology/Clinical Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Haematology and Blood Transfusion Sciences (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Histopathology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Immunology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Medical Bacteriology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Medical Mycology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Medical Parasitology and Entomology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Medical Virology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Medical Laboratory Science.

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Department Of Nursing Science:

  • PGD in Nursing
  • PGD in Nursing Education

Department Of Physiotherapy:

  • Physiotherapy (M.Phil./PhD)
  • Orthopaedics and Sports Physiotherapy (M.Sc., PhD)
  • Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy (Master of Physiotherapy (MPT), M.Sc., PhD)
  • Neurological Physiotherapy (MPT, M.Sc., PhD)
  • Women's Health Physiotherapy (MPT, M.Sc., PhD)
  • Geriatrics Physiotherapy (PhD)
  • Paediatrics Physiotherapy (MPT, PhD)
  • Community Physiotherapy (MPT)
  • Orthopaedic Physiotherapy (MPT)
  • Sports Physiotherapy (MPT)

Faculty of Arts and Islamic Studies

Department Of Arabic:

  • Arabic Language (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Arabic Literature (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Arabic

Department Of English And Literary Studies:

  • English Language (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • English Literature (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)

Department Of Hausa:

  • Hausa Culture (M.A., PhD)
  • Hausa Language (M.A., PhD)
  • Hausa Literature (M.A., PhD)
  • PGD in Hausa Studies.

Department Of History:

  • History (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Development Studies (MDS, PGDDS)

Department Of Islamic Studies:

  • Islamic Studies (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Islamic Studies and Sharia

Department Of Linguistics And Foreign Languages:

  • Linguistics (M.A., M.Phil./PhD, PhD, PGDL)
  • French with specialisation in Language (M.A.)
  • French with specialisation in Literature (M.A.)
  • PGD in Translation

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Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

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Department Of Anatomy:

  • Anatomy (M.Sc., PhD)
  • PGD in Anatomical Sciences

Department Of Biochemistry:

  • Biochemistry (M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Biotechnology (M.Sc., PGD)
  • Environmental Biochemistry (M.Sc.)
  • Industrial Biochemistry (M.Sc.)
  • Medical Biochemistry (M.Sc.)
  • Nutrition Biochemistry (M.Sc.)
  • Toxicology Biochemistry (M.Sc.)
  • PGD in Medical Biochemistry
  • PGD in Nutrition and Dietetics

Department Of Physiology:

  • Human Physiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD, PGD)

Faculty of Clinical Sciences

Department Of Community Medicine:

  • Public Health (M.Sc.)
  • Master’s in Public Health (MPH) with specialisation in Child and Adolescent Health
  • MPH in Community Medicine
  • MPH in Health Promotion
  • MPH in Occupational and Environmental Health

Department Of Medical Microbiology And Parasitology:

  • Bacteriology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Immunology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Mycology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Parasitology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Virology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Master’s in Infection Prevention and Control

Department Of Microbiology Obstetrics And Gynaecology:

  • Human Reproduction (M.Sc.)
  • Masters in Reproductive Health

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Department Of Otorhinolaryngology:

  • Otorhinolaryngology (M.Sc.)

Department Of Surgery:

  • Surgical Sciences (M.Sc.)

Faculty of Communication

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Department Of Mass Communications:

  • Mass Communication (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD, PGD)
  • Master’s in Communication Studies
  • Master’s in Public Relations

Department Of Theatre And Performing Arts:

  • PGD in Theatre Studies

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Department Of Computer Science:

  • Computer Science (M.Sc.)
  • Masters in Computer Applications
  • PGD in Computer Science

Department Of Information Technology:

  • Master’s in Information and Communication Technology

Faculty of Earth and Environmental Science

Department Of Architecture:

  • Architecture (M.Sc.)

Department Of Environmental Management:

  • Environmental Management (Master’s, M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD, PGD)

Department Of Geography:

  • Geography (Human Geography) (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Geography (Physical Geography) (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Geography (Population and Development) (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Land Resource (Administration) (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Land Resource (Development) (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Natural Resource Management and Climate Change (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Land Administration

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Faculty of Education

Department Of Adult Education & Community Services:

  • Adult and Non-Formal Education (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Community Development (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Extension Education (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Gerontology (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Social Welfare Education (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Master’s in Community Development
  • PGD in Adult and Non-Formal Education
  • PGD in Community Development & Extension Education

Department Of Education:

  • Curriculum Studies (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Educational Administration and Planning (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Educational Psychology (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Guidance and Counselling (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Tests and Measurement (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Education
  • PGD in Guidance and Counselling

Department Of Library And Information Sciences:

  • Library and Information Science (Master’s, M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Information Management (Master’s, PGD)
  • Records Management (Master’s, PGD)

Department Of Physical And Health Education:

  • Health Education (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, Master’s, PhD, PGD)
  • Recreation and Sports Tourism Management (M.Sc., PGD)
  • Adapted Physical Education (M.Sc. (Ed), M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Exercise and Sports Science (M.Sc. (Ed), M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Sports Management (M.Sc. (Ed), M.Phil./PhD, PhD)

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Department Of Science And Technology Education:

  • Biology (M.Sc. (Ed)
  • Chemistry (M.Sc. (Ed)
  • Geography (M.Sc. (Ed)
  • Mathematics (M.Sc. (Ed)
  • Physics (M.Sc. (Ed)
  • Science Education (PhD)
  • PGD in Science and Technology Education

Department Of Special Education:

  • Behaviour Disorders (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Gifted and Talented (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Hearing Impairment (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Intellectual Disorders (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Learning Disabilities (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physical and Health Impairment (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Visual Impairment (M.Ed., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Special Education and Rehabilitation

Faculty of Engineering

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Department Of Agricultural Engineering:

  • Farm Power and Machinery Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • Processing and Storage Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • Soil and Water Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)

Department Of Civil Engineering:

  • Construction Management (M.Eng.)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • Highway Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • Structural Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • Transportation (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD)
  • PGD in in Civil Engineering

Department Of Electrical Engineering:

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  • Communication Engineering (M.Eng.)
  • Control & Instrumentation Engineering (M.Eng.)
  • Electronics Engineering (M.Eng.)
  • Power & Machines Engineering (M.Eng.)
  • Electrical Engineering (M.Phil./PhD, PhD, PGD)

Department Of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Energy Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Production Engineering (M.Eng., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in in Mechanical Engineering.

Faculty of International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIIBF)

Department of International Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance:

  • Islamic Banking and Finance (Master’s, M.Sc., PGD)

Faculty of Law

Department of Law:

  • LL.M Commercial Law
  • LL.M Information and Communication Technology Law
  • LL.M International Law
  • LL.M Islamic Law
  • LL.M Public Law
  • Master’s in Business and Commercial Law
  • PhD Law
  • PGD in International Legal Studies

Faculty of Life Sciences

Department Of Biological Sciences:

  • Ecology and Environmental Biology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Hydrobiology and Conservation Biology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Entomology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Parasitology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD inn Biological Sciences

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Department Of Microbiology:

  • Environmental Microbiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Food Microbiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Industrial Microbiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Medical Microbiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Pharma Microbiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Environmental and Public Health
  • PGD in Epidemiology.

Department Of Plant Biology:

  • Aquatic Botany (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Biosystematics/Taxonomy (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Ethnomedicine (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Genetics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD);
  • Mycology/Plant Pathology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Plant Anatomy (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Plant Ecology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Plant Physiology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)

Faculty of Management Sciences

Department Of Accounting:

  • Accounting (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master’s in Taxation and Revenue Administration
  • Master’s in Treasury Management (Full- and part-time)
  • PGD in Accounting and Finance (Full- and part-time)

Department Of Business Administration And Entrepreneurship:

  • Management (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD).

Faculty of Pharma Sciences

Department Of Pharmacology And Therapeutics:

  • Pharmacology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)

Faculty of Physical Sciences

Department Of Mathematical Sciences:

  • Mathematics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD, PGD)
  • Applied Mathematics (M.Sc.)
  • Computational Mathematics (M.Sc.)

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Department Of Physics:

  • Physics with specialisation in Atomic Physics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physics with specialisation in Electronics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physics with specialisation in Geophysics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physics with specialisation in Nuclear Structure Physics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physics with specialisation in Optics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physics with specialisation in Solid-State Physics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Electronics (M.Sc.)
  • Geophysics (M.Sc.)
  • Nuclear Physics (M.Sc.)
  • PGD in in Industrial Physics

Department Of Pure And Industrial Chemistry:

  • Analytical Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Colour Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Organic Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Physical Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Polymer Chemistry (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • PGD in Chemistry

Faculty of Social Sciences

Department Of Economics:

  • Economics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Banking and Finance (Full- and part-time, Master’s and PGD)
  • Health Economics (Full- and part-time, Master’s and PGD)

Department Of Political Science:

  • Comparative Politics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • International Relations (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD);
  • Islamic and Middle Eastern Politics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Nigerian and African Politics (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Policy and Administration (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Political Theory (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Political Economy (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD)
  • International Studies and Diplomacy (Master’s)
  • Public Policy and Administration (Master’s, PGD)

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Department Of Sociology:

  • Complex Organizations (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Criminology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Demography (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Medical Sociology (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Social Policy (M.Sc., M.Phil./PhD, PhD)
  • Crime Management Prevention and Control (Master’s, PGD)
  • Social Work (Master’s)
  • Social Policy and Administration (PGD)

Now you know about all the postgraduate courses at Bayero University, Kano. If you are looking for even more information about the Bayero University Kano postgraduate school, we recommend you visit the BUK official website.

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