4 amala food recipes

4 amala food recipes

Everybody in Nigeria knows amala food and everybody loves it. Those who don’t love amala have not yet tried it, that’s all. If you are looking for useful directions how to cook this food the best way, here they are!

4 amala food recipes

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Recipe 1: How to cook amala the Yoruba way

You will need the yam flour and clean water. There are no precise amounts because everything depends on the thickness you prefer in the end.

amala food recipes

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  • Take a cooking pot and boil the water. The more yam flour you have, the more water you will need. Of course, there should not be too much because it will take you ages to boil the excess water out
  • As soon as you see that the water really boils, reduce the fire immediately
  • Then start adding the flour. Here you will need a wooden stick or narrow spatula to stir the mixture thoroughly.
  • When adding the flour, keep on stirring the mixture energetically to prevent lumping. At this point, the mixture may get too thick and dry. Now, add some more water and return the mixture cook.

amala served

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  • Keep on cooking the mixture for 5 minutes more. Providing your fingers are clean at this point, you can try the thickness and check whether you would like to add some water
  • After the cooking time expires, remove the pot from the fire and stir again until the mass turns into one accurate and very smooth lump of a dark brown color

This is your amala. When done, wrap the food into a wrapping film, a polyethylene bag or whatever else can keep it fresh.

Recipe 2: How to cook amala in microwave

amala cooked

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The main difficulty many people face when cooking amala is preventing the formation of lumps. It’s necessary to stir really vigorously until the mass is smooth and then steam it carefully to the brown color without letting it burn. It can be complicated for some, so, there’s sense in trying to cook this swallow with the help of a microwave oven.

  • Take a bowl that’s safe for microwaving. Mix some yam powder and water in it and stir until the mixture is even
  • Again, there are no precise amounts because everything depends on the desirable softness or firmness of the ready amala. Try with a little less water because you can always add some water halfway but it will be hard to evaporate the excess if you put too much from the start
  • Put the bowl into the microwave oven and simply run it for 5 full minutes
amala on plate

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  • If you want, you can take the bowl out halfway through the cooking process and do some stirring, add some water or, instead, some more yam flour. However, in most cases, you will leave it run all the 5 minutes without stops
  • If you decide to take it out halfway, you may see that the color is still too light and there are raw pieces. When you complete the 5-minutes cooking time, you will notice the necessary color and consistency
  • Take the swallow out of the microwave and either serve while hot or wrap to keep it fresh for later

Recipe 3: How to cook amala with a hand mixer

amala mixer

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As all traditional foods, amala is supposed to be cooked in all the traditional ways. It should be stirred manually, with a wooden spatula or a wooden stick to become smooth and even. However, it’s already 21st century and we can all take advantage of the civilization and its inventions.

  • Take a pot and pour some water into it. Place the pot on fire but don’t make it too big. Wait until the water boils and in the meanwhile prepare the hand mixer with whisk rods installed
  • When you can see the water boiling properly, DO NOT remove it from the fire but start adding the flour, stirring slightly with a wooden spoon or a spatula. When the flour is all mixed with water, take away the spoon and start mixing with the help of the mixer WITHOUT removing the pot from the fire
  • You will see the mixture quickly becoming very smooth and light without applying any force from your arm. The mixing process will take you about 1 minute

amala with soup

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  • If the mass is still too thin, you may add some more flour and keep on mixing with the mixer. The pot should still be on heat
  • The amala you get in the end of the stirring process should be smooth, glistening, and very stretchy. These are characteristic features of a high quality
  • Add some water for the necessary steaming process. Through the process, whizz the mass again and again. Try experimenting with speed modes of the appliance and watch the effect
  • Finally, when you see that amala is forming up a smooth lump and gaining the needed brown color, finish the process

Your amala should be very stretchy and super smooth after such whizzing. It’s necessary to say that the entire process will most likely take you about 4 minutes.

Recipe 4: How to cook amala in 5 minutes

amala served

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This is a very quick recipe that means cooking amala in a shallow saucepan that’s not removed from heat through the entire cooking process. You need to be very concentrated to cook this swallow in five minutes and very accurate to do everything well.

  • Pour a cup of water into a saucepan and place it on fire
  • Add several cups of yam flour (one by one, stirring and watching the density you want to receive)
  • Take a wooden stick or a wooden spatula that’s durable enough (the mixture can sometimes be very tough when stirred for the first time). Stir the mixture very vigorously, so that it’s even and smooth. The mixture will turn grey-brown at this point
amala with soup

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  • When the moisture evaporates and the mixture becomes tough and dry, add some water (it should be hot!) and when this additional water gets to boil, stir everything well
  • Add water in small amounts in order to avoid overdoing. With further stirring, the mass will become soft, silky, and very smooth

The key here is in the constant stirring that evaporates excess water and leaves a firm and intensive mass and prevents sticking, lumping and burning of the substance. In the end, you will have a perfect example of amala food!

How to eat amala

amala with ewedu

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Now, when we already know 4 delicious recipes of amala food, we need to figure out how to eat it properly. As any other swallow, it tastes best of all with Nigerian soups.

  • If you want to discover the best sides of amala taste, eat it with soups: Ewedu is one of the most popular options but also try Okro, Egusi, Ogbono, or Gbegiri soups.
amala meal

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  • Amala is a wonderful meal to take with a bottle of cold beverage like beer or lemonade.

This is how you can cook amala as a professional. Share the recipes and enjoy your meals!

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