Bet9ja soccer special options and meaning

Bet9ja soccer special options and meaning

Here we have Bet9ja soccer special options and meaning. Read on to see all the features and conditions of the betting types. The service provides numerous chances to win.

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Bet9ja soccer special meaning

There are many special options of Bet9ja soccer betting, and you should definitely try them. Let’s see the list, and choose the most appropriate option for you.

  • Red Card

This special option of betting allows you to win if you predict the player who will leave the game. You can also bet on the number of players who will leave during the match because of a red card. There is also an option to bet on the time when the player will leave the game.

  • 1st Goalscorer

Bet on the player who will score the first match in the game. But remember that this option is relevant only for the first goal, you lose the bet if the chosen player scores, for example, the second goal.

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  • Any time scorer

All you need is to choose a player who will score, what can be simpler? If you a true soccer fan, such prediction is easy for you.

  • 2, 3 and more

This option allows you to choose the player and bet on the number of goals he'll score during the match. This is another type of bet that can be easy for experienced soccer fans.

  • Time of the first goal

This is the opportunity to make a bet on the minute of the first goal of the game. You win if, you choose the right time.

  • Total corner

This is another option that can be quite easy for prediction. Your aim here is to predict the number of corners in the following match. There is also an option to choose between “less or more corners” of the game. For example less than five, or more than eight corners. It seems easy, isn’t it?

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Special rules


  • Anytime Scorer 1st/2nd

In this option, you have the ability to bet on the player and weather he would score in the first or second half of the match.

Remember that you lose if the chosen player fails in the selected period of the game. If some other player scores in the selected period, you lose as well.

  • No score

In this option, you choose the player who won’t score during the time of the following match. You lose the bet only if he eventually scores a goal.

  • First team to score

Bet on the first scorer team and get your money. There are numerous matches where it is easy to predict the first scorer team, so try your luck.

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  • First team and last team to score

The option to bet on the first and the last team on the table in championship or tournament. The information about the table is taken from the official website of league.

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  • Special goal scorer

Choose the group of players with the potential candidate who should score in the match. You win if the player from selected group scores a goal.

  • Cards Yes or Not

In this option, you make a prediction about the quantity and time of giving the red and yellow cards during the match.

  • Team to score more goals

Choose the match and the team that will score more goals. This is another simple betting option by Bet9ja soccer.

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  • Time to the first score

There are a few time periods to choose, you can also see there an option to bet on “no goal at all.”

  • Goalkeeper scores a goal.

This one sounds a little strange, but there is a possibility that goalkeeper will score the goal, and you can bet on it. See also: Bet9ja booking number prediction tips

These are Bet9ja soccer special rules and options to make the bets on a favorite sports game. Bet9ja provides convenient and exciting options for venturous lovers of sports.

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Big win


There is a big number of soccer fans in the country, Bet9ja allows them to make some money on their favorite game.

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