How to check winning ticket on bet9ja

How to check winning ticket on bet9ja

Are you among the lucky bet9ja winners or you still don’t know the answer to this question? Let us explain to you how to check winning ticket on bet9ja, and you will at once know whether you are among the luckiest people in Nigeria or not at this time. Let us also talk about bet9ja prediction tickets and several methods of checking your luck.

How to check winning ticket on bet9ja

Bet9ja winning ticket

Sports betting is very popular all over the world, including Nigeria. No wonder many citizens who enjoy watching football matches and other sports competitions on TV also like to test their personal bet9ja prediction capabilities and place bets in hopes to get the winning ticket.

bet9ja winners can only figure out if their bet is a lucky one by following our guides on how to check winning ticket on bet9ja website or using a different method.

We are more than happy to share simple and quick instruction on how you can complete this simple task and make sure you are one of the winners who can cash the prize money and improve your financial situation.

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Check winning ticket on bet9ja

Bet9ja winners: How to check your ticket online

So, let us imagine that you have placed your bet9ja prediction and have a ticket now that you wish to check directly on your computer with internet connection. Here are the steps you need to follow to succeed:

  • Step 1. You need bet9ja login, and it is possible to get into your account right on the official bet9ja website using your unique username and password (you have created them during registration before betting).
Log in to check winning ticket on bet9ja


  • Step 2. Once you are in your online cabinet on the site, you should click on ‘Coupon Check’ option that is located on the website’s homepage.
Coupon code check for winning ticket on bet9ja
  • Step 3. What should you do know? Do you see the field where you can type in? Just enter the betslip ID (your coupon code) that you have received after placing your bet or simply copy/paste it if you have it already saved on your computer. Click the Enter button or press on the green arrow button to continue.
  • Step 4. You will now see if you have bet9ja winning ticket or not.

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How to check winning coupon on bet9ja with phone

How to check bet9ja prediction on mobile phone

If your handset is connected to Wi-Fi network or mobile internet, you can quickly check if you are among the happy bet9ja winners from your phone. Here is how it works:

  • Step 1. Instead of visiting the official desktop version of the site, you should go to the mobile version from your smartphone.
  • Step 2. You cannot proceed without bet9ja login, so do this from your handset and get into your account.
  • Step 3. There is the ‘Check’ button which you have to press on to continue.
  • Step 4. Now you can enter the ID of your betslip to check it and choose ‘Check’ to confirm your decision.
  • Step 5. The betslip will now be displayed, and you will know if you are the winner or not.

P.S. You can also write down your bet numbers while placing it online or offline with bet9ja, and then simply watch your favourite sports game and monitor its results to understand if you are among the winners or not. This is just another method of checking how your bet9ja prediction went.

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You have learned how to check your winning ticket on bet9ja. As you can see, it is extremely easy to do, and there is more than just one method of checking everything out, so you can now bet on sports in Nigeria and win big money that can be easily turned into cash.

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