Stella Dimoko Korkus blasts Linda Ikeji, warns her to give credit where credit is due

Stella Dimoko Korkus blasts Linda Ikeji, warns her to give credit where credit is due

- Popular Nigerian bloggers go to war over exclusive content

- Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus has come for fellow blogger Linda Ikeji on social media

- The woman had claimed that Linda Ikeji used her exclusive content on her blog without giving credit to her

It is common practice to give credit to people when an idea or content that brings profit to them is being used for another person's gain. In the communications industry, it is right to always give credit to authors that original contents are gotten from.

This issue of giving credit or not giving credit to whom credit is due has become the root of a brewing social media war. A popular Nigerian blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus has alleged that fellow blogger Linda Ikeji used her content without giving her credit.

The popular woman who is known for spilling the beans on top secret scandals on her blog, claimed that Linda Ikeji had used an exclusive content on her blog without giving her credit.

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According to her, the content was an interview she had personally done. She noted that the interview was allegedly posted on LindaIkeji'sblog like it was not done by an interviewer.

She further warned Linda Ikeji to never take her exclusive content without giving her the credit she deserves. Korkus expressed that her keeping quiet doesn't mean she had nothing to say.

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Read post below:

"Linda the next time you want to lift an interview I did,there is something called GIVING CREDIT. The next time you try it again I will teach you that two can play. Enough already. Quoting an interview I did as if the interviewer does not exist is wrong. This is me talking. I fear no one and keeping quiet doesn’t mean I don’t wanna talk. Enough said!"

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