Love poems for her from the heart

Love poems for her from the heart

Love poems for her from the heart may be needed for you as a birthday present or a cute message for her in the morning. Some men love reading romantic poetry to their lady during dates. You can try each of these ideas and become the most desirable and romantic man she has ever seen!

Love poems

18 love poems to her from the heart

  • Your cuteness knows no bounds, your beauty has no limit, you are the only woman in the world, to which I will commit. I look at you and gasp in awe, wondering how you’re mine, you take my breath away my dear, for you, I’ll walk the line.
  • My angel, my life, my entire world, please be with me always, my one and only girl. I love you so deeply, that I know is so true, for there is no one else, my heart beats just for you. No matter what happens, you’re always the one, that I want to come home to, I’m the Earth to your sun.
  • I dream of a woman clothed in white.

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She wears wings that shine with golden light.

Her hair is fine like that of an olden wife.

Her eyes hold a vision of the road of life.

She whispers love through the winds.

Then rivers of love flow to my heart and my spirit ascends.

I grow embraced by heavenly heights.

Then glow rays of warmth and light.

I wait only for her touch of the purest.

I fall to her holding of love, of spirit!

We become one in loving presence together.

In love, we come to heaven forever.

Like two doves we sing and dance.

Love of a queen and king.

Love will forever last.

  • I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love;

We’ll fly together, fly higher than the dove.

I’ll be your wall and shield you from danger;

I’ll take all the pains, for to me they are no stranger.

You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart;

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And then I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart.

You’ll be my majesty— I will serve you forever;

And for all of the times, I will leave you never

  • You came into my life like a star

And filled my heart with joy

You took my pain as if it was yours

And gave me love that no one could.

You gave me a shoulder to cry on

You were my pillar when I was falling

You were my strength when I felt low

With your smile, you made my living on earth worthwhile.

  • A smile is such a lovely thing especially upon your face;

hiding all the sorrows or simply taking their place.

A kindly spoken word means so much when from you,

it comforts my weary heart or when I’m feeling blue.

A song can make our hearts dance in pretty fast-paced clips

when we hear the melody of our love’s unconquerable grips.

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Words could lift my spirits and sweet compassion find;

with love

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put your hand in mine alone and peace will fill my mind.

A smile, a word, a song, a look – seem small little things

but when love sparks an action, what blessings they bring.

  • I love your lips when they’re wet with wine

And red with a wild desire;

I love your eyes when the Lovelight lies

Lit with a passionate fire.

I love your arms when the warm white flesh

Touches mine in a fond embrace;

I love your hair when the strands enmesh

Your kisses on my face.

  • I love my eyes

When you look into them.

I love my name

When you whisper it

And love my heart

When you love it.

I love my life,

Because you are the part of it.

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  • You gave light to my soul

You helped me to be whole

I have felt love for you before

And it will be more and more,

You are mine, my dear

You are the angel from above

Who taught me how to love.

Please, forever keep me near.

  • Your lips so soft and red,

the thought of kissing you is stuck in my head.

Your beauty so bright and warm,

shining through the darkest storm.

Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky.

When I stare into them I feel like I am soaring high.

My love for you is pure and true.

I never stop thinking of you.

The sound of your voice saying, “I love you,” makes my heart pound,

because I know my one and only I’ve truly found.

I promise to love you for every moment of forever,

and when everything else crumbles, I will never.

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I am your armor to protect you from harm,

like you are to me, a lucky charm.

For you are my heart, my soul.

Baby, you are my whole world.

  • Thoughts of you surround me.

You’re the beating of my heart.

The love you give defines me.

My life is no longer dark.

You give your hand so sweetly.

I am lost if you’re away.

You have me so completely.

I cherish you night and day.

Without your breath, I cannot live.

I need your lips on mine.

Nothing at all I wouldn’t give.

I’ll take nothing and be fine.

For in your arms I’m always home,

So happy and so proud.

Never a day you’ll feel alone,

And I’ll yell it oh so loud.

I love you with all my heart.

  • L is for ‘laughter’ we had along the way.

O is for ‘optimism’ you gave me every day.

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V is for ‘value’ of being my best friend.

E is for ‘eternity,’ a love that has no end.

  • If I had the words to describe my feelings for you

I would be the happiest man in the universe

But words seem to fail me time and time again

So I have to settle for the words in this verse

Your touch, your smile, your presence and soul

Mesmerize and entangle me completely

If I had but one ambition, one utter goal

It would be to stay by your side for eternity

  • The sugared scent of the marigold in full bloom;

Can’t even overpower your presence in the room.

Even in the middle of the crowd, you are the only girl I see;

In the front of the altar, it is the place for you and me.

The majestic rainbow etched in the bright blue sky;

Can’t catch my attention when you are passing by.

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You are the one who fill color into my life;

And it will be of extreme joy, if you will be my wife.

  • Shall I forget the face of a bright sunshine?

Whose beauty is comparable to an angel so divine;

Shall I overlook your smiles that are so sweet?

Just a glimpse of you knocks me off my feet.

Love poems for her

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Shall I pass a day without seeing you?

Or miss a chance to prove my feelings are true;

Shall I think twice to win your heart?

Living without you will tear me apart.

Shall I not recall the way your hair dances in the summer air?

And how your laughter warms my cold winter;

Your gentle breath swifts right through the autumn’s call,

Shall I confess this love or wait until the next fall?

Shall I hold your heart or will forever yearn for it?

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I long for the day when our lips would meet;

Shall I live another day without saying how much I Iove you?

Or shall I die as a friend veiling these feelings for you?

  • No man will not notice the beauty in you

It’s like you are an angel out of the blue

Your face may not launch a thousand ships

But it’s your heart and soul that are for keeps.

You mesmerize me with your innocent smile

But it’s your eyes that had me there for a while

How I wish everyone would appreciate

The beauty in you which is never to hate.

  • I love the way you nag and glare

It makes me know how much you care

I love the way you walk, just like a man

Not really cute but it sure is fun.

I love you just the way you are

No pretentions even from afar

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I love you because you love me too

Just like the way I do.

  • The blaze of sunshine touches my face;

As I woke up with your thoughts I can’t erase.

And then outside the window, the view I start to gaze;

Tryin’ to solve the mystery as complex as a maze.

I don’t know what I feel— I think I’m falling;

Hanging at the edge with hopes someone is catching.

My heart is too fragile, don’t want to see it breaking;

I hope you feel the same, or else I will be crying.

These romantic love poems can make your lady extremely happy! So be sure to choose the best romantic poems for her and see the result! She’ll love you even more after such a gift.

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