Parents of Abuja twins speak on historic Siamese separation, seek financial assistance

Parents of Abuja twins speak on historic Siamese separation, seek financial assistance

The term conjoined twins medically known as Siamese twins, refers to a set of babies who are physically joined together at one area of their bodies or even more. It is a rare condition with an estimated incidence of 1 per 200,000 live births.

This explains why the birth of a set of conjoined twins in Abuja, became viral on the internet. The twins who were successfully operated on after a 4-hour surgery at the University of Abuja teaching hospital on October 29, have become a hot topic on the internet.

Speaking with on Thursday, November 9, the parents of the lucky babies opened up about their experience since the arrival of the twins. Having lost their first child at birth, the mother of the twins, 31-year-old Courage Buzugbe, revealed that they considered it a double blessing and consolation from God when they discovered they were expecting twins.

However, their joy turned into sadness when they learned that the babies were physically joined together at the chest area and the liver as well. This came as a shock to Courage who revealed that she had gone for a scan prior to the delivery and the doctors confirmed her babies to be okay.

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Parents of Abuja conjoined twins speak on challenges, joblessness and their 'miracle' babies
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Father of the twins, Ferdinand Buzugbe, revealed in a separate interview, that it was indeed a sad period for them. Currently unemployed and in need of money, the 36-year-old and his wife were worried about how to handle the situation.

However, luck shone on them when the babies, named Elisha and Elijah, were transferred to the University of Abuja teaching hospital and doctors confirmed the possibility of surgically separating them

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"Being the first of its kind in the 25 year history of the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital, we had to stabilize and monitor the babies in order to prepare them for the surgery. We had to keep them properly nourished and get them matured enough for the surgery. We did more investigation and discovered they were joined in their chest bone and the liver. The planning for the surgery took about 6 weeks to ensure the success."

When asked about the possibilities of having a follow up surgery, he said:

"Follow up surgeries may come depending on what happens. The babies are still being monitored. By nature of their own twinning, if there are no abnormalities detected, then they are safe. The twins are doing well. For now, there are no major concerns for follow up surgeries."

Head of Information for the university, Frank Omagbon, revealed that the bills for the surgery were cancelled by the hospital as a result of the medical case being the first of its kind in the history of the hospital.

Parents of Abuja conjoined twins speak on challenges, joblessness and their 'miracle' babies
Mother of the twins, Courage Buzugbe Source:
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According to him, having carried out the successful surgery on the twins has had a positive impact on the hospital as it has proven that the facility has what it takes to handle complex medical cases.

Although a huge burden has been lifted off the couple's shoulder, Courage and Ferdinand Buzugbe revealed that they still need help as they are both without jobs, therefore lacking the finances to cater for their babies.

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