5 female Nigerian celebrities who are natural hair goals

5 female Nigerian celebrities who are natural hair goals

With the society constantly evolving, there has been as awakening as many Africans are not just taking pride in being who they are and where they come from, they are also accepting their dark skinned bodies and natural hair as well.

The past few years have witnessed the growing trend of Afrocentric styles coming back in vogue. What makes this stand out is the fact that this is not just a trend but represents people who are proud of their heritage and are no longer conforming to society's standard of beauty.

Prior to this movement, smooth straight silky hair and ivory coloured skin were considered the ideal standard of beauty. However, all of that has changed as many people are rejecting this ideology and going back to their roots.

Talking about natural hair, there is a general belief that it is difficult to maintain, therefore causing people to opt for keeping their hair relaxed. However, these Nigerian celebs are killing the look, letting the world know they've got big hair and they don't care!

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Legit.ng has gathered a list of 5 Nigerian celebrities who are rocking their natural hair proudly:

1. Omoni Oboli

The proud mother of 4 has been all about her natural hair for a few years now. Although she tends to keep it protected under different wigs, her hair is always a showstopper whenever she flaunts it.

2. Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

The beautiful veteran actress is also another advocate for the natural hair movement. Just like her friend and fellow actor, Omoni Oboli, she tends to keep hers under wraps. However, there are many fans who would love to know her regiment because her hair is definitely banging!

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3. Ifu Ennada

This particular reality star and actress is one lady who has not only accepted this powerful look on her, but has also built an empire out of it. Ifu Ennada's hair has always been a conversation starter and a lot of people witnessed this on the Big Brother show.

Bringing out the business women in her, Ifu Ennada went on to create her own natural hair products which she made very affordable for people to buy and grow theirs. It came as no surprise that her products were sold out on the day of the launch considering the fact that her hair is a glaring testimony.


4. Beverly Naya

The elegant and stunning actress has been on the natural hair movement for a long time and the results are simply amazing.

Her hair is not only gigantic but intriguingly long. Unlike the other actresses, she carries her natural hair more often than she keeps them under wrap.

5. Anto Lecky

The reality star, just like Ifu Ennada, also created her own natural hair product and it seems to be doing pretty well on the market considering her full and healthy hair is doing all the marketing.

These celebrities and many more, continue to prove that being proud and loving one's heritage is nothing to be ashamed of.

If this doesn't scream black excellence, I don't know what does!

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