How to do sugar pregnancy test at home?

How to do sugar pregnancy test at home?

When it comes to homemade pregnancy test, ladies lean toward sugar pregnancy test. Positive experiences of many of women have proven its accuracy. By the way, it is straightforward to do, as all you need for it is easily accessible. Also, it is quite affordable because sugar is a standard item in everyone's kitchen shelf.

Sugar pregnancy test at home


Using sugar for pregnancy test

Just fancy how fortunate it would be if you can know if you are pregnant simply using some sugar? And we are happy to tell you that this option exists beyond your imagination.

When you are feeling like you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy, then it is high time to perform pregnancy test with sugar. There are lots of tests for pregnancy that can be done at home.

Homemade sugar pregnancy test


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Also, consider that using homemade sugar pregnancy test will do no harm to you. And this opinion is supported by experiences of thousands of women, who still place credit this kind of tests. Sugar test for pregnancy is considered to be one of the most accurate along with salt pregnancy test. So let's find out how does it work and what you need for it.

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How does sugar pregnancy test work?

Sugar pregnancy tests performed for pregnancy detection and confirmation hinge on the level of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is contained in human urine. When impregnated ovum attaches uterus, its placenta starts producing this HCG hormone.

HCG hormone


It is an identifier of pregnancy for homemade tests because it is the reaction agent. In other words, if there is the HCG hormone in your urine, the sugar reacts to urine and it starts clumping. It happens because the hormone itself prevents sugar from dissolving.

How to perform sugar pregnancy test

To perform a sugar pregnancy test at home you need to follow uncomplicated instructions in order to get the proper results and simply be able to interpret them. Here is the basic guidelines for you:

  • It is best to collect urine right after waking up because the concentration of HCG is at its highest point.
  • It is recommended to drink less water before then for better results.
  • It takes some time for the reaction to occur. So wait a while before making conclusions.
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Sugar test for pregnancy


  • Make sure that the container you are using for the test is thoroughly cleaned. Mind that contamination factor may affect the results as well.
  • It is not preferably to do the test at the very early stage of pregnancy, for example, when you just noticed your menstruation ceased.
  • Consider your choice of sugar. White sugar is the proper one, because colored or brown sugar can affect the reaction.
Homemade sugar test for pregnancy


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Now let's get to the procedure. Collect your urine early in the morning into a clean container. The container might be either plastic or glass, but it is not recommended to use a metal one. For the test itself, you will need approximately 150-200 ml of urine. So pour the required amount of it into another clean container or pour out the excess urine. Next, add three teaspoons of sugar to it. And now wait a bit to observe the reaction or its absence.

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Interpretation of sugar test for pregnancy

The results of the sugar pregnancy tests stand on the reaction the sugar has with the urine and if it is possible to perceive it in the urine. There are two types of reactions you can observe:

  • If the reaction is positive, you will be able to witness the following response. After combining sugar and urine in the container, if the sugar didn't change its structure and clump together at the bottom, then, as we mentioned before, there is an HCG hormone in your body. So, you can happily conclude that you are pregnant.
Pregnancy test with sugar


  • If the reaction is negative, you will understand it by the following response. When you add sugar to your urine, it probably would dissolve just like in hot water, for a reason, there is no HCG hormone in it, and no reaction has occurred. So, you would be able to conclude that you are not pregnant.
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But remember our instructions. The negative reaction may be caused by the absence of the hormone at early stages of pregnancy. So, in case you are obtaining a negative result, don’t get discouraged. You can try to perform it again in a week or two to be completely sure of the results.

Pregnancy test at home


Although using homemade tests for pregnancy confirmation are easy to perform, require minimum effort and are really affordable, they still give you just 99.9 percent accuracy. However, always consult doctors, because it is a crucial element of healthy and safe pregnancy for both you and your baby.

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