Highest paid player in EPL

Highest paid player in EPL

Who is the highest paid player in EPL in 2018? Football fans love to watch English Premier League, and a lot of them are curious to know how much the top footballers are paid. Keep reading our post, and you will know how much your favorite players get for their talent and hard work, and who is the best-paid footballer this year.

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Highest paid footballer

Every year different players earn the title of the highest paid footballer, and millions of people from all over the world wish to learn who has got this prestigious virtual award in a particular team, league or country.

The name of the person who is highest paid in EPL is already known for 2018 because the salaries of every footballer in the 20 football clubs that are part of the English Premier League are reported.

The 2018 – 2019 season of the English Premier League started in August. Millions of soccer fans are following the news about all the amazing defeats, incredible victories, new trophy winners, and keep an eye on who is the leader this year in terms of earnings.

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Let us list the top 5 highest paid superstars in 2018, maybe you can guess who is the leader among them:

  • Kevin De Bruyne
  • Mesut Ozil
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Romelu Lukaku
  • Paul Pogba

Ok, let’s be truthful. There can be even two or three winners this year since different sources list their weekly and annual salaries either the same or very similar to one another.

2018 highest paid player in EPL

Highest paid player in the English Premier League

The highest paid player in EPL currently is Kevin De Bruyne or there are two more people who are highest paid in EPL - Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. We have looked at different sources, and they list their weekly salaries differently.

Highest paid player in English Premier League

Highest-paid EPL players; photo: spotrac.com

However, the Belgian player Romelu Lukaku and French star Paul Pogba are pretty close to the winners in terms of earnings (they are paid from 250,000 pound sterling to 290 pound sterling every week).

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Based on spotrac.com, the Belgian professional footballer Kevin De Bruyne is currently earning over 320,000 pound sterling per week (about 16 million pound sterling per year). We all know how amazing this midfielder is, and he is currently playing for Manchester City and also represents his national football squad. Just in case you wish to cheer for him, his number is 17.

According to cnbc.com, the highest paid footballer in English Premier League in 2018 is Alexis Sanchez with the weekly salary of 315,000 pound sterling (over 16 million pound sterling annually). This Chilean man is a famous forward for Manchester United.

Based on details from sportskeeda.com, the two players Mesut Ozil (from Germany) and Alexis Sanchez (from the Republic of Chile) are weekly paid 350,000 pound sterling each (over 18 million pound sterling per year). Ozil is Arsenal's number 10 and Sanchez proudly wears Manchester United uniform with number 7.

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As you can see, it is very hard to say who is currently the highest paid player in Premier League in 2018 because of conflicting reports.

Now you know the name of the highest paid player in EPL currently.

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