Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah biography

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah biography

The story of the winner of multiple movie awards is curious to discover. This impressive woman is a great example of a strong, hardworking and loving lady who has built both an incredible career and happy motherhood. Keep reading to find out interesting facts from Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah biography.

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah biography

Biography of Jackie Appiah

Let us look closer at the biography of Jackie Appiah who is known in and outside Ghana. We are sure that you will find it worth your attention because this African lady has a lot to teach us through her personal story.

Where is Jackie Appiah from? Is this famous Ghanaian actress from Ghana or a foreign country? What is her age? Who is her husband? Does she have a child?

We’ll answer all these questions in this post.

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Jackie Appiah age

The famous child was born on December 5, 1983. Her family welcomed their new baby in Canada, Toronto. As you have already guessed, Jackie Appiah is currently 34 years old. She is turning 35 years old in December of 2018.

Childhood and start of career

The superstar was born into a family with 4 older sisters. Her mother’s name is Janet Owusu and her father’s name is Kwabena Appiah. Jackie spent her childhood years in Canada. However, when she child turned 10 years old, she left Canada for Ghana together with her mother, her father still lives in Toronto.

Jackie took part at Talent Teens Competition and loved drama a lot ever since her teenage years. When she was about 12 years old, she acted in different dramas organized by her church group.

Before turning into a movie diva, the actress acted Things We Do for Love. This was a fun TV series loved by viewers. The invitation to join the series came from its writer Edward Seddoh Junior.

The role of Enyonam Blagogee in Things We Do for Love was noticed and enjoyed by many people, and the first onscreen appearance gave Jackie a successful movie career start.

Later, she acted in some other TV series, including Games People Play, Tentacles, and Sun-city to name a few.

When the actress was invited to act in her first movie ‘Divine Love’ she remembered how shy she was. However, she looked impressive to the team, and it led to many new roles and many more awesome films.

After becoming popular in Ghana, the actress also found a way to conquer the heart of Nollywood. Her most successful Ghanaian movies brought her fame in Nigeria as well, and Jackie appeared in different local productions. Some of her most famous Nollywood films are 'My Last Wedding' and 'Black Soul'.

Today, in the movie industry everyone knows the popular actress Jackie Appiah.

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Jackie Appiah movies

While most people remember the actress by her impressive roles in Mummy’s Daughter, Beyonce, and The Perfect Picture, Jackie has starred in a lot of interesting and award-winning films.

Her filmography includes such awesome movies as:

  • Divine Love
  • Princess Tyra
  • Pretty Queen
  • Spirit of a Dancer
  • Before My Eyes
  • Tears of Womanhood
  • Golden Stool
  • Blind Lust
  • The King Is Mine
  • Royal Kidnap
  • A Bitter Blessing
  • Kings Heart

The list of Jackie Appiah movies are more the the ones listed above, you can get lots of her movies and watch all through the weekend, it's worth it!

The actress’ list of achievements is also impressive. The gorgeous woman was named the Best Actress for leading and supporting roles and nominated for different prestigious awards numerous times.

For example, she won ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for Beyonce film in 2007, received the prize as ‘Best Actress’ for 4 Plays by Ghana Movie Awards in 2010, was named Pan African Actress of 2011 by Nigeria Entertainment and got many more awards for roles in Cheaters, Turning Point, and other movies.

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Is Jackie Appiah married?

We should say that the beautiful actress was successfully married to Peter Agyemang. Their union was officially celebrated in 2005. The wedding was amazing, and the couple had a child. However, they stopped living together in about 3 years from their wedding ceremony, and they finalized their official divorce on paper in 2012.

Is this actress married today? The answer is ‘no.’

Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah biography and son

Jackie and her son Damien; photo:

Jackie Appiah child

The famous Ghanaian actress has a child. Her son’s name is Damien. Being a mother, Jackie always remembers other children. For example, she loves to spend her birthday with children from orphanage houses and at hospitals. Sometimes the actress’ managing team takes these kids to fun places or big house with various entertaining opportunities for them.

The actress also started a foundation to help children with their education, food, drinks, other needs, etc.

You have learned some of the most interesting and important facts from the biography of Jackie Appiah. This Ghanaian actress is loved by millions of Nigerians. She is a happy mother and a successful woman who keeps conquering the movie industry across Africa and helping children who really need it.

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