Latest bridal train styles in Nigeria

Latest bridal train styles in Nigeria

Take a look at the latest bridal train styles in Nigeria to get inspired and find out how to look gorgeous and chick. This article is for brides-to-be who are dreaming about the wedding like in a fairy tale.

Latest Nigerian bridal train styles

There is such an interesting omen: the longer the train in the bride's dress, the more love, and happiness the marriage union will give her!

One of the most spectacular elements of a wedding dress is a train, which makes the bride look elegant. And many brides want such an outfit for thire wedding, but they face a number of questions: how to move around in a dress with a train? How to dance in this dress? You should not immediately abandon such an elegant outfit, because if you wisely choose a wedding dress with a train, then you will look not only stylish and stunning on your wedding day but also feel comfortable and relaxed!

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Stunning bride

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A brief history of the train

For the first time, the train was born thanks to Agnes Sorel, beloved woman of the French king Charles VII. And church ministers immediately condemned such an outfit, calling the tail the devil's tail, and even forbade women in dresses with a train to attend church and confess. But the church was powerless before the ever-increasing interest in dresses with a train, and such outfits have become an integral part of the wardrobe of fashionistas all over the world!

Moreover, in those days it was even possible to determine the status of a girl by the length of the train: only royal persons could wear long trains (about 6 meters), but ordinary girls could choose for themselves dresses with a train no more than 2 meters.

The wedding fashion came in thanks to Queen Victoria, who became the first European woman who wished to add this luxurious element to her wedding dress. Princess Diana also preferred the dress with a train. Its length was 7.5 meters, and it was decorated with pearl embroidery and weaving handmade.

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Queen Victoria and Princess Diana

Latest Nigerian bridal train styles

Today, in wedding salons, you can find a variety of bridal train gowns, because each bride will be able to choose something to her taste. And to make a choice easier, let's look at the types of trains by their kind of attachment and length.

Types of bridal train by fastening

  • One-piece train without clasps usually has a small length so that the bride can easily move around in a dress. It can also be a mermaid dress with a small train.
One-piece train

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  • Gathered train that is fastened to the seamy side of the upper skirt or the back along the waistline with fasteners, in the latter case, the place of the attachment is masked with draperies, floral appliques, etc.
Gathered train
  • Removable train. It can be unfastened or fastened at the right time and is a convenient solution for girls who do not want to seek a compromise between beauty and convenience. In such a dress-transformer, the bride will be able to create two different images: one for the official part and photography, and the other for the banquet. The train is fastened, as a rule, on the waist or corset. The original version of the removable train is the Watteau train. It is fixed on the back of the dress or shoulders, has a small length and looks like a light cape. Such a train looks most advantageous in combination with dresses in the Greek or Empire style.

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Removable train

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  • Lined train. The lining allows the train to keep its shape and ideally lie, demonstrating to those around it all the beauty of the dress. Train of exquisite lace looks unforgettable, the lining of which is a few centimeters shorter than the main canvas - thanks to this, a transparent openwork frill along the hem edge is obtained. When choosing a wedding dress with a train, you need to consider that the lining makes it not only more beautiful and tougher but also heavier.
Lined train
  • Unlined train. This is a lightweight version for wedding dresses made of thin, weightless fabrics like chiffon, silk, lace, tulle. Such trains do not keep their shape, but they flutter beautifully in the wind and with a unique, charming carelessness lay down while walking. Their advantage is in the ease and absence of additional burden for the bride, and the disadvantage is the need to beautifully lay out the train for a photo or a solemn ceremony. But after all there are bridesmaids for this, aren't they?

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Unlined train

Types of bridal train by length

  • Sweeping train, it is also called a tangent, because it barely touches the floor (the bottom of the dress at the back is several centimeters longer than the hem of the front).
Sweeping train
  • Chapel train is from 0.9 to 1.5 meters long (this train is convenient for the movement of the bride, it can be easily turned and pinned up by pins).
Chapel train
  • Cathedral train is from 1.5 to 2.5 meters (such a train usually begins at the waist level and is fastened there with a hook or button, and at the ceremony and wedding, it is usually carried by helpers).
Cathedral train
  • Royal train is over 2.5 meters (due to its long length it is sewn from light materials: chiffon, tulle, organza).

Interesting fact! Designer Gianni Molaro has created a dress that was recognized by Guinness Book of Records. Its train was 3 kilometers long, and a resident of Naples, Elena de Angelis, wore it at her wedding in Rome.

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Royal train

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Traditional bridal train gowns in Nigeria

  • Mermaid train gowns. Popular today are mermaid wedding dresses with a train. Using this style, the train can be attached both from the skirt extension line and the waistline. Orange, gold, pink, turquoise, and white are popular as always.
Mermaid train gowns
  • Straight train gowns. This silhouette of the dress is for everyone without exception. Dresses of this style may look different. The bodice is made in the form of a corset or just adjacent with closed shoulders, skirts can be lush in the form of a bell, and just slightly widening towards the bottom. Any kind of a train fits the straight dress. If a straight wedding dress with a train is chosen, then the “tail” to this style should not be made too long.
Straight train gowns
  • Bridal train gowns with mantle. This type of train looks like a raincoat, it is attached to the upper part of the back or attached to the straps. Every woman wearing such a wedding dress looks like a queen.

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Bridal train gowns with mantle


It is crucial to choose the right fabric for sewing a wedding dress with a train. A simple rule to remember is: the longer the loop is, the lighter fabric should be used for this part. It is unlikely that the bride will be pleased if her wedding dress is too heavy. A heavy brocade dress with a multi-meter train is an excellent choice for a short photo shoot, but spending the whole day in it will be extremely problematic. Most often, silk or chiffon is used for tailoring dresses with a train. The materials are light enough, they are perfectly draped, they can be used for sewing dresses of various styles.

Satin dresses are no less popular. This fabric is double-sided, its front part is shiny, and the purl is matte. Thanks to this feature, you can create beautiful images, "playing" on the contrast of textures. If you plan to sew a dress with a very long train, then you should choose the lightest type of satin fabric. It is called charmeuse and is made on the basis of silk threads. A lace wedding dress with a train is luxurious. This outfit can be sewn entirely from lace fabric. But often used combinations of fabrics. For example, the bodice of the ress and its train can be made of lace, and skirts cut out from silk or satin.

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Fabrics for bridal train

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What to consider when choosing the length of the train

When choosing a wedding dress with a train, decide in advance on its length, taking into account the following factors:

  • Wedding style: dresses with a long train are suitable for a classic and vintage celebration, but for a wedding in the style of boho, rustic, modern, etc. it is better to prefer a dress with a short train or without it.
  • Celebration duration: if your party lasts the whole day, then it is better to refuse too long and massive train.
Wedding train styles in Nigeria
  • Season: in summer, it is better to refuse a dress with a heavy train made of heavy materials, the ideal option is a small train made of light materials, for example, chiffon. However, for a celebration of rainy spring or autumn, a long train is not the best option, because it can get dirty and lose its appearance. If you basically want a dress with a train, then prefer a removable train or train of dense materials, if it gets dirty, it will be less noticeable than on the train of thin, transparent material.
  • Activity on the wedding day: if on the day of the celebration you have many movements planned (photo shoot, dance, participation in competitions, etc.), then a too long train will become a real headache for you.
  • bride's stature: petite girls should not choose for themselves dresses with too long a train, the best option is a train with a length of about 1 meter; tall girls can give preference to longer trains.

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Gorgeous bridal train gowns
  • Compatibility with the groom's outfit: your dress should be a harmonious with the groom's suit. Next to the bride in a luxurious dress with a train should not be a guy in the image of modern or casual, but a gentleman in a stylish and strict suit.
  • Bridal veil: dress with train involves the choice of a fairly long veil. If in creating an image you decide to use this wedding accessory, let it be at least mid-thigh. The veil, the length of which exceeds the length of the train, looks amazingly impressive. By the way, Megan Markle used this technique to create her wedding look, and she did not make a bad decision - her wedding outfit delighted everyone.
Bridal train dress with veil

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Some useful tricks

Of course, a dress with a train will create an unparalleled wedding image, but this element of the wedding dress has one major drawback: it creates additional difficulties for the bride to move and keep her tidy look because the train stretching across the floor can get dirty. But you should not give up the train, because several tricks will help the bride feel more comfortable on the wedding day:

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  • When choosing a wedding dress with a train, be sure to walk around it in the salon to understand how comfortable you are in it. Otherwise, your wedding will turn into torture! If the dress is already purchased, practice walking in it with the same shoes that you will be at the celebration.
  • It is necessary to move in a dress with a train very carefully: turns should be done while passing in an arc so as not to accidentally step on the train. Besides, in a gown with a train, you cannot take steps back, which is fraught with a fall or damage to the train. And also avoid places where the train can be hooked on something.
Beautiful bridesmaids
  • It is not possible to perform a complicated wedding dance in a dress with a long train. But there is a solution: a gown with a removable train that can be unfastened during the first dance.
  • As we said earlier, the train can be fastened to the dress with the help of special fasteners (hooks, buttons, etc.). So you can safely move on a photo shoot and participate in all wedding entertainment, and if necessary, quickly dissolve the tail.
  • You can purchase a special bracelet to put on a train on your hand. However, this option is not suitable for all models of dresses.
  • You can also pick up the train with the help of an eyelet sewn to the end of the train and put it on your finger or wrist. This option is only suitable if the fabric of the train is light enough.

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Perfect bridal train gown

If you dream about a wedding dress like the ones in the pictures, then choose for yourself a luxurious wedding dress with a train that will add sophistication and noble grace to your look. In this dress, on the day of the celebration, you will look spectacular and stylish! Inform the photographer in advance about what kind of outfit you will have so that he can pick up beautiful locations and unusual ideas for photos. The staircases of buildings and natural heights are ideal for a wedding dress with a train in the pictures.

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