Meet bold Nigerian vlogger Shade Ebonylips who's not afraid of her 'ugliness'

Meet bold Nigerian vlogger Shade Ebonylips who's not afraid of her 'ugliness'

There is nothing as beautiful as a person whose self-love and confidence is immeasurable. While many people struggle with insecurities regarding their body or how they interact with others, this London-based Nigerian woman is telling people what true confidence is all about.

Identified by her Instagram name, Shade Iyalaje also known as Ebony Lips, the Nigerian vlogger isn't exactly the prettiest of women but yet again but this has not in anyway affected her vivacious and outspoken nature.

Ebonylips is an adult relationship experts who uses her Instagram page as a medium to talk about issues pertaining to relationships and how to handle 'bedroom' problems. She recently responded to another social media blogger, Tunde Ednut who posted a video of her and had people calling her a role model.

She wrote: “Don’t call me role model, I no be anybody role model, because na me go tell you go fight in public, na me go tell you say make you no fart, fart de smell. Nobody is your role model, na you be your own role model.

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All the people you de call role model, how many of them don help you? De no go help you because they want make you suffer the way dem suffer before they made it in life.Yes I am ugly, I am rocking it, I like it, I like the way I am. You wey ugly pass me, that’s why you no fit get a man….”

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