How to confirm a cryptic pregnancy: symptoms

How to confirm a cryptic pregnancy: symptoms

Do you know that there are different pregnancies? What is cryptic pregnancy? Pregnancy is an amazing period, but so many difficulties arise with it. One of the biggest women's problems is unwanted one, although doctors have developed many ways to prevent it. It is difficult to recognize in the first half of the term. It does not pose a particular threat to the woman and her fetus, but there are aspects that it is important to know about.

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What is cryptic pregnancy?

At all times, asymptomatic pregnancy was considered one of the most mysterious phenomena. In ancient times, hidden pregnancy was considered the ‘grace of the gods’, who until the needed time wanted to hide the future king, prophet or hero.

So what the cryptic pregnancy is, if every girl knows about the main symptoms of this ‘special condition’. How can you not notice that you carry a new life in yourself?

When a woman bears a child, it seems that everything is clear - everyone has the same manifestations and reliable signs. But not everything is so simple. And not everyone has a chance to conceive and carry a child, even if all processes proceed without complications. There are several types of pregnancy:

  • ectopic and frozen;
  • early and late;
  • desirable and undesirable;
  • planned and unexpected;
  • classical and multiple;
  • normal and complicated;
  • color and biochemical;
  • false and cryptic.

There is also a carefully hidden pregnancy, when the girl tight her belly, trying to hide the fact of conception and carrying a baby from the parents.

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In the case of asymptomatic conception is that a woman is working a lot, not knowing about a hidden pregnancy, without reducing the overall load on the body. Students study late at nights, women work in shifts, having not enough sleep, not thinking about the reasons for their ailments. And when doctors tell them about their pregnancy, such a woman becomes shock.

How to confirm a cryptic pregnancy: symptoms and signs

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Fetal development in the uterus with a partial or complete absence of the symptoms of pregnancy is also called cryptic pregnancy. It can be characterized by such appearances:

  1. the menstrual cycles continue for several more months, the color of the secretion and their intensity change, but the woman does not pay any attention to this;
  2. if the fetus is fixed unstable, there are abundant periods, the body balances on the verge of failing pregnancy, it may be considered as a sign of unstable hormonal background;
  3. there is a small weight gain, especially if the woman does not lead a sporty lifestyle, is perceived as a natural process, especially if she is inclined to be overweight.

Fetal development also happens without toxicosis, although it happens rarely. It is worse, when all the symptoms of pregnancy are present, but there is no fetus in the uterus, instead of it there is a tumor. In this case, sometimes even an ultrasound can be wrong. Sometimes doctors see the obvious manifestations of self-hypnosis - a woman really wants to get pregnant. In rare cases, this is a consequence of mental disorders.

Causes of hidden pregnancy

Yes, cryptic pregnancy is not a ‘fairy tale’, but someone’s real stories that are numerous in life. Do girls not notice changes in the body?

Most likely, in each case, there are some new sensations, but they blame on other causes or factors. This may be a suspicion of poisoning or weight gain, an excuse such as ‘hormonal disorder’ or ‘chronic diseases have gone out of remission’. Swollen breasts and nipple sensitivity are easy to miss in the absence of sexual relations during this period. The urge to urinate and frequent discomfort in the lower abdomen are often attributed to cystitis and thrush.

According to WHO statistics, about 20% of women who become pregnant for the first time, do not know about it until 3-5 months. The easiest way to make a mistake, is to have a confirmed diagnosis of ‘infertility’, when you no longer expect anything. And at the next medical examination, the doctor says: ‘Congratulations, you are pregnant!’

Young women do not understand why they have hidden or cryptic pregnancy, what are the reasons for this phenomenon? Often, two factors work in a pair - a strong body and hormonal imbalance. The athletes, who use additional supplements to work out harder, may also face this problem.

Another weight gain or cryptic pregnancy?

For some women, it is quite natural to get some extra kilos in winter and lose them during the summer. The difference in weight can be up to 10-15 kg, depending on the shape, genetics and state of the thyroid gland.

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Doctors say that during pregnancy, women are statistically moderately gaining weight of about 12 kg. Even those who carefully monitor nutrition and lifestyle get minimum 5-6 kg. This is a slight swelling of tissues (the body stores liquid for the period of lactation) plus fetus and amniotic fluid.

It is easy to notice the ratio of weight gain during cryptic pregnancy - this symptom is regarded as a ‘seasonal fluctuation’ of body weight.

Often the weight gain is triggered by frequent stresses with night snacks, the lack of a nutritional system and a sports minimum during sedentary work. As a result, it is difficult to understand whether it is a simple or cryptic pregnancy, until the first movements of the fetus in the uterus are felt. If the fetus is small and the woman is thick, then the reason for the big stomach and scanty secretion cannot be determined without doctors.

How to check if there is a pregnancy with questionable signs?

To make sure that the embryo is in the right place, one needs to undergo a standard examination, which all future moms undergo during registration.

At the reception in the antenatal clinic a woman should:

  • Undergo a primary examination with her doctor;
  • Pass a smear on the flora;
  • Pass a complete blood count and a sample for pregnant hormone;
  • Undergo examination by ultrasound;
  • Pass urine analysis.

Other prescriptions are possible when the doctor sees the need for additional examination. If there have been changes in cycle, but it is not certain that you are pregnant, go to the antenatal clinic. And it will be the best answer how to confirm a cryptic pregnancy. It’s time to get used to the idea that visiting ‘a special ladies’ doctor’ is normal for women who have intimate relationships.

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