Actress Chisom Okpala reveals she is suffering from depression, threatens to take her life

Actress Chisom Okpala reveals she is suffering from depression, threatens to take her life

Depression is a mental condition that can affect virtually anyone. There is no restriction as to who can be depressed. An actress named Chisom Okpala has proven this fact as she comes out to say that she is suffering from the emotional illness.

The actress who is very beautiful and loved by many fans took to her Instagram page to reveal that she was suffering from depression.

Chisom made this shocking revelation to her fans after her numerous posts about herself which gave the impression that she was seemingly okay.

She did not only reveal that she was depressed, she also threatened to commit suicide! Her obvious sadness and depression reflected in the post she shared on her page.

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The depressed Chisom wrote these words: "Why does God never heal my depression no matter how hard i pray for it? I have never felt so low and depressed in my life, i pray to God for help but i feel like i’m being ignored."

Then she also shared a caption where she gave a suicidal threat that is both frightening and dooming: "What if you never get to hear from me again? "

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Chisom then went on to share two more posts that reflects her sad, aggrieved mood. In one of the images she shared, she symbolically mirrored an emoji and a gun pointed to the head.

Evidently, fans, friends and followers of the upcoming actress are very sad and worried about her. They are all out to ensure that she does not carry out her threat as she means quite a lot to them.

Hence, they sent a lot of messages to her. One of them even offered to help her financially while another told her own story.

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See some of the reactions that have trailed her posts:

babygirlafrica: "Gurl you gat to fight this! It’s your love! Love yourself... it’s gon be difficult but only you can deal with it! No one cares so if you take your life no one will still care! Be strong boo."

banky_destiny__: "Hello dear, you don’t need to do anything stupid okay, just know that someone God will hear you, so many people are depressed in this life, all you need now is someone to talk too okay."

lilianchikamma: "I used to be depressed too, all through 2016 and 2017 I was so depressed coz nothing seemed to be working out for me, and then January 2018 the worst happened when I lost my dad and had a betrayal and false accusations from a close relation. I felt the world has come to an end, I couldn't cry out or speak up coz no one seemed to understand what I was going through but then I held on to my faith in God coz that seemed to be all I had left but then God showed up for me big time. He started talking to me every time through his Holy Spirit, he constantly reminded me how much he loves me and how much of the best he wanted for me. On my own part I started avoiding toxic people, people that made me feel bad, people that are always out to judge the things I do. People that didn't appreciate me. I stayed with few ones that appeared real. I stopped letting people decide for me when to be happy or not. I stopped leaving my happiness in the hands of people. I started engaging myself in things that made me happy without minding what anyone else thinks or says about that. I choose to be strong for myself. I choose to be happy at all cost. Coz on the long run, you just can't please people, what ever you do, they must talk and criticize but your reaction towards that matters most. You can either choose to let what they do or say control how you feel or choose to be happy despite all that. I encourage you dear to stay strong please, don't give up now, you gat to prove your enemies wrong by staying strong and happy. I pray for you darling, the God that showed up for me will do same for you in Jesus name, Amen!"

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