upgrades to upgrades to has upgraded to Now we want to tell you more about our values, fundamental principals, and share the story of the number one media. upgrades to

A personal message about the upgrade from Goke Olaegbe – Managing Director of Media Limited

A little bit more about is a household name in Nigeria. If you are reading this it is not a big secret for you, is it? We have been in the market since 2012, and we have achieved a lot in the last six years. You may say it is not modest to boast about all our accomplishments, but we just describe things as they really are. is the biggest social media group in the daily news category and the number one publisher in Nigeria by traffic (Alexa rank).

From the very beginning, our main principle has been to create high-quality relevant and exclusive content. We cover not only news of national importance, but also human-angle stories: speak about talented personalities, ask people’s opinion on important questions. Years have passed, but the central principle has remained the same. Our people mean a lot to us and keep motivating us to improve.

That is the point, by rebranding we want to become better for our loyal audience and attract new visitors (shame to those who still don’t know about us). It is about time to come to the next level, become even more understandable and easy.

Imagine your favourite product changes its wrapping and name. At first, it can be a bit weird for you to try it, but if you do, you will see that the taste and quality are the same or even better. upgrades to

So why did we choose

Inaccurate and fake news often confuse Internet users, which can lead to terrible consequences. The primary goal of has always been to protect the audience from hoaxes, so the new name represents this general idea in the best way. Integrity is among our values, so we double check all the facts before publishing and avoid using misleading or clickbait headlines. core values upgrades to

You will understand our vision after we say it out loud. These are the two pillars that lie at the heart of our work. The first one is about people. We create relevant content and use multiple distribution channels for our audience. You can read, watch, hear. No matter if our subscribers are audio, visual or digital learners. Everybody will be satisfied.

The next and no less important is the impact. To brighten Nigerians’ everyday lives, we cover the most significant and trending topics with an accent on local news. Like the highlight in our logo does, we emphasise the main information you need to know. is meant to be your guide, that leads the way through the news.

Our upgrade concerns not only the content but also the visual style of the website, that follows the latest trends, and its brand new user-friendly interface.

One more advantage of our new name (it would be a crime to omit this) is that it would be way easier to spell it.

Many will say it is a risky decision to change the name which has already made it, but we are ready for this risk because we are doing this upgrade for the people. We are turning a new leaf. Undoubtedly will continue to match up with the expectations of our audience in the future. We are ready for the next step in the hope that we will start this new chapter with our readers who will stay with us for a long time.


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