Precautions during first three months of pregnancy

Precautions during first three months of pregnancy

Precautions during early pregnancy are rather important. However, during 1st month of pregnancy, the expectant mother may not know about her condition. There are also cases of women who are 2 weeks along, suffer toxicosis, while some feel slight indisposition.

Precautions during pregnancy

In order to ensure optimal healthy intrauterine development of the fetus in the first months of pregnancy, it is necessary to follow simple guidelines, to behave in a certain way. If the pregnancy is planned in advance, then, of course, the girl adheres to a healthy lifestyle long before conception occurred. And if the pregnancy was an unexpected surprise, then the expectant mother should as soon as possible become a supporter of a healthy diet, as well as normal sleep and rest.

If a woman suspects that she may be pregnant or she has delayed menstruation, then the first thing to do is to get a pregnancy test. Almost all pregnancy tests give a reliable result in the first days of the delay.

The second step is a trip to the antenatal clinic. A visit to the doctor should not be postponed. The doctor will help the woman in the examination, explain many incomprehensible things, make all the necessary appointments.

The main difference from the first trimester to the next ones is that the development of the fetus is proceeding at an enormous pace. Due to the fact that the embryo is attached to the wall of the uterus with the help of the chorion, this connection is not strong. For this reason, the first trimester is dangerous for many pregnant women. Absolutely any friction can be harmful.

Top precautions during first three months of pregnancy

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The first trimester of pregnancy is the most crucial period of all the time of pregnancy, since at this time all the basic systems of the new organism are formed. Therefore, in the first trimester of pregnancy, the list of restrictions is the most voluminous.

In order for a child to be healthy and develop properly, he needs to provide high-quality building materials and negate all adverse factors that may affect the development of the body.

What cannot be done during the first pregnancy stages?

First of all, it is necessary to give up such a bad habit as smoking. It is one of the most important precautions during pregnancy in first month. If you smoked before pregnancy, then you should part with cigarettes immediately! Smoking is extremely negative for intrauterine development and leads to the formation of pathologies of varying severity. It is also necessary to avoid passive smoking.

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It is unacceptable to be in the same room with a smoking person. Very often, a woman's body takes care of itself — when it gets pregnant, she begins to experience a persistent aversion to the smell of cigarette smoke.

Alcohol is the second enemy of the normal course of pregnancy. The influence of alcohol is especially harmful in the early stages, when the main body systems are formed.

Visits to crowded places should be avoided, as there is a risk of infection. Infectious diseases affect pregnancy extremely negatively, especially since the list of medicines that can be consumed during this period is extremely small.

The same applies to colds, which, among other things, can lead to serious complications due to weakening of the body. Therefore, it is advisable not to over cool, not to wet the feet.

X-ray and other examinations should not be performed with the exception of vital indications. X-rays extremely adversely affect the development of the child and can lead to developmental pathology.

Before taking medications during pregnancy, you should read the instructions very carefully and consult with your doctor. Many drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy, and they are strictly prohibited to take. Such drugs include many antibiotics, tranquilizers, analgesic drugs and some others.

Precautions during pregnancy

Stress is also a contraindication during pregnancy. Excessive nervous tension and negative emotions affect the development of the child extremely negatively. Under stress, hormonal collection often occurs, which negatively affects the development of pregnancy.

A very important contraindication during pregnancy is weight lifting. You cannot heavily load the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis. The exhausting exercise should be forbidden. And, of course, exclude various extreme sports, preferring more relaxed activities: swimming, walking, simple yoga exercises, physical therapy and breathing exercises.

Be extremely attentive to your diet during pregnancy. Dyes, chemical flavoring additives in food are contraindicated.

As for products of animal origin, they require full temperature processing before use. It is forbidden to eat half-baked food, since dangerous parasites and bacteria that cause serious diseases can be present in non-fried foods.

If you have pets at home, especially cats, entrust the care of your cat to one of your pets. Toxoplasmosis pathogens can be found in cat feces, a dangerous disease that adversely affects the development of a child.

Avoid stressful conditions. For 9 months, the expectant mother should try to avoid stressful situations. Disputes and conflicts should be nullified. A woman should walk more in the fresh air, go to the theater, the cinema, etc. A pregnant woman should set herself up in a positive way, radiate good mood and positive emotions.

So, if you already know that you’re expecting a child, then be sure to follow all these rules. And stay healthy!

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