Top kola nut uses you should know

Top kola nut uses you should know

We have heard a lot of talk about the benefits of this great nut, but what about kola nut uses? Do you know how you can use this gift of nature in your everyday life? What do you know about the spiritual meaning of kola nut? We will try to answer these questions in the following article. So read this to become a little smarter today!

Top kola nut uses


Uses of kola nut

Kola (or cola) nut is a common ingredient in many drinks, and it has even served as a namesake for the whole class of beverages. However, there are many more other uses of kola nut you might not be aware of. Here are seven most interesting uses you should know about:

  • Currency. Back in the day, kola nuts were used as currency in several countries of West Africa, including Senegal and Mali. You might be surprised, but some people still use it this way. While kola nuts have lost their value as money, using them as currency still has cultural significance, as they are often used in bride price negotiations and on other similar important occasions.
  • Religious ceremonies. Speaking of cultural significance, kola nuts have been used in religious rituals for centuries. Peoples of West Africa, particularly the Igbo and Yoruba people believe that the nuts are sacred and have divine properties, which is why some use them in divination. Others use them as offerings to guests, offerings in prayers and religious rites, or use them in ancestor veneration.
  • Hangover cure. Going back to the more earthly problems, most of us know how bad a hangover can be. But what if we told you that you can use some kola nuts to cure it? Now, we do not know the exact science behind this, but it has been proven by many of those who have partied and then regretted it in the morning that kola nut is a lifesaver when it comes to hangovers.
kola nut uses


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  • Energiser. Have you ever noticed that you feel more energy after drinking cola? Well, that is because it (both the drink and the plant) contains caffeine, thus giving you that much needed energy boost. Kola has been used to provide people with energy in time of need since the exploration of Antarctica by Ernest Shackleton and World War I. In both of the aforementioned situations, people needed to stay awake and alert in order to stay alive.
  • Aphrodisiac. While this is sometimes considered as a side effect of consuming kola nut, it is often intentionally used to boost male potency, particularly in traditional marriages. What is particularly fascinating is that it does not actually possess any specific qualities of an aphrodisiac. However, as kola nut is a stimulant, it has a sympathetic effect, similar to the effect that spicy food has on your body.
  • Weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight but have trouble fighting the munchies, try to munch on some kola nuts. Not only can they fool your body into thinking that it is full, but they can also boost your metabolism, thus making it easier for your body to store less and excrete more.
  • Migraine relief. Kola nut is a natural analgesic (thanks to the high contents of caffeine and theobromine), which is why it can be used to alleviate headaches and migraines. That said, you should be careful with this; if you experience migraines with a terrifying frequency, you should definitely see a doctor before resorting to natural treatments, no matter how fool proof they might be.

Uses of bitter kola nut

Top bitter kola nut uses


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While you might think that kola nut and bitter kola nut are the same thing, they are actually quite different, both in appearance and characteristics. While they share some common uses, such as, for instance, being an aphrodisiac, other uses do not match. For that reason, we have decided to talk a little about kola nut’s bitterer relative separately. Here are three common uses of this nut:

  • Reducing eye pressure. Bitter kola nut is known scientifically as garcinia kola, and it is often used in various medicines. For instance, the extract of bitter kola nut is used in making eye drops. These drops can reduce the eye pressure, thus helping you avoid glaucoma. Eye drops that contain just 0.5% of the garcinia kola extract should be used twice a day in order to reduce pressure on the eyes.
  • Treating sore throat. People have been using bitter kola nuts for ages to get rid of their throat troubles. It is said that if you chew on the nut, you can ease the hoarseness, coughs and bronchial troubles. So next time you feel like cats have been scratching on the inside of your throat and you have some bitter kola nuts at the house, do not hesitate to chew on one until you feel better.
  • Treatment for respiratory diseases. Apart from sore throat, you can also treat respiratory problems with bitter kola. For centuries, it was used in traditional medicine for chest colds treatment. Daily use of bitter kola extract for a month can significantly improve the health of your lungs, as it improves the strength of your lung tissue fibres, thus dilating the alveolar sacs and ducts.

Kola nut (and bitter kola nut) has many interesting uses, and we have just outlined only a portion of them. What other uses can you name? How do you personally use kola nuts? Let us know in the comments.

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