Most popular South African names for children

Most popular South African names for children

There are so many interesting South African names that it can be challenging to choose the best one for your child. Thanks to annual reports presented by SA statistics, we know the most beautiful and popular female and male names used by parents in South Africa. We would like to share the top 10 for each gender along with pretty middle names ideas that can strengthen the meaning of the first name.

Most popular South African names

Beautiful South African names

Even if you don’t live in South Africa, you might be in search of the prettiest name for your baby girl or a meaningful name for a baby boy.

Each African baby deserves the best name his or her parents can think of. Thus, if you have already gone through many names and still haven’t chosen the right one, take a look at the incredible South African names that are most popular in 2018.

We should note that our selection is based on statistics shared by This government agency tracked live birth in SA from January 2017 and to February 2018, according to registration records shared by the Department of Home Affairs.

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South African female names popular in 2018

South African female names: Top 10

We have no particular order on our list. All these ten names were used the most in 2017 and are still popular in 2018:

  1. Enzokuhle – meaning ‘to do good’
  2. Lethabo – meaning ‘happiness’
  3. Luthando – meaning ‘love’
  4. Omphile – meaning ‘gift from God’
  5. Amogelang – meaning ‘God-gifted’
  6. Amahle – meaning ‘the prettiest’
  7. Rethabile – meaning ‘we are happy’
  8. Thandolwethu – meaning ‘our love’
  9. Lesedi – meaning ‘light’
  10. Melokuhle – meaning ‘stand up for good’

Besides using any of these beautiful South African names for female African baby, you can add a lovely middle name, such as Angel, Precious, Pretty, Hope, Princess to name a few.

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South African male names popular in 2018

South African male names: Top 10

We didn’t use any particular order for this selection as well because any of these male names were widely used in 2017-2018.

  1. Lethabo – meaning ‘happiness’
  2. Lubanzi – meaning ‘deep and wide’
  3. Enzokuhle – meaning ‘to do well’
  4. Amahle – meaning ‘beautiful’
  5. Amogelang – meaning ‘receive/accept’ or ‘God-gifted’
  6. Junior – meaning ‘younger’
  7. Melokuhle – meaning ‘stand up for good’
  8. Bandile – meaning ‘growing family’
  9. Siyabonga – meaning ‘we thank you’
  10. Bokamoso – meaning ‘future’

You can choose different middle names to complete the amazing first name. It can be Prince, Gift, Innocent and other interesting, beautiful and extremely popular male names used by South African families.

Mother with a baby

Now you know the most popular South African names in 2018. You can easily name your baby boy Enzokuhle or Amahle. For precious little girls, you can choose such popular and beautiful names as Melokuhle or Lesedi, but you can also go with Enzokuhle which is often given to both girls and boys because of its incredible meaning - ‘to do great things.’

We are sure that you have plenty of choices. Besides, any name can be special if it touches.

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