How to sing alto: easy guide

How to sing alto: easy guide

Learning how to sing alto voice is easy if you have a good guide. This type of sound is very rich and warm, so many singers wish to master it. Here we have an easy guide for everyone, and you can find the tips to develop your singing ability in this beautiful low voice.

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How to sing alto for beginners

Alto is a low female voice, and this is a very warm and rich in sound. The people with such type of voice can easily sing low notes. If you have such type of voice or you want to work on singing alto, the first thing you should do is focus on button notes, and supporting your breath is a key point here. You should work on the development of your chest voice and more open tone of voice. See also: Top 10 Nigerian party songs 2017

Work on to open up the bottom, keep a worm, open tone on the low notes. One of the tips that can help you in singing low notes is to move forward your lower jaw. In this position, your voice sounds lower, so it is much easier to sing in alto diapason.

Try to sing a few sounds with such position of the jaw and hear the changes of your sound. Sound A is high, so try to sing it in lower voice moving your lower jaw forward.

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Another important thing to sing alto is to keep calm and relaxed state because of any worries and tension contribute to high notes. If your vocal cords are relaxed, it is conducive to the formation of low frequencies. Note that most songs of low sound are quite calm.

Regular practice is, of course, the best way to achieve success. Select a phrase, for example "Ave Maria" and try to sing it at low frequencies, taking into account the previous tips. Do not be afraid if the sound is not so aesthetic as you want, just keep searching the needed sound. The task of this exercise is to adapt the muscles involved in singing to the new conditions. Feel free to search for new sounds.

To sing alto is cool

Alto is one of the brightest female voices. Its velvety low sound is often compared to a cello. This voice is quite rare, so it is very much appreciated for its beautiful timbre and for the ability to sing the lowest notes.

Alto for beginners


Alto is the second of the four main types of human voice: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. There is a low and high alto. The volume of a low alto extends from F in small octave to Sol in the second octave. The boundaries of a high alto are determined by one or two tones above (from La in a small octave to La in a second octave). See also: Who is the youngest musician in Nigeria?

In terms of their volume, high alto coincides with mezzo-soprano and both voices often mix each other, whereas, by the natural structure of these voices and the ratio of registers, they are easily distinguishable. A female alto consists of two registers, the limits of which reach B in the first octave, while children’s and male alto is few steps lower.

Singers with such a voice sing pop, jazz, or choir songs. By the way, alto is best suited for jazz music, because of its timbre and chest tone. A popular alto singer is Tony Braxton, with her hit song “Unbreak my heart”, in pop music the examples of alto voice are: Cher, Shakira, Rihanna and more.

Here are our tips on how to sing alto, there are enough reasons to try singing. So apply our recommendations and sound like a star.

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