Nigerians can't believe as this lady claims she is in her 70s

Nigerians can't believe as this lady claims she is in her 70s

We have all heard the story of people reducing their ages to feel younger. Many people especially in the entertainment industry, reduce their ages in other to have more benefits in the industry.

But the story you might not have heard is that of someone increasing their age in other to feel older.

A Nigerian woman has shocked social media users after she shared a photo of herself celebrating her birthday. In the photo, she was spotted holding numbers balloon of seven and zero.

It is common knowledge that many people hold numbers balloon, telling their ages in their birthday photoshoot. This is common among young ladies who take photoshoot to celebrate their birthday.

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She shared a caption under the post, saying that she knows people would not know that she is seventy years old.

The woman wrote: "I know some people will not believe me, anyway don't ask me how, ba se ri niyen ��."

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Nigerians who couldn't believe her claims immediately reacted to the post. Some even went as far as to go through her photos and they discovered she has children who are still in their teenage years.

They expressed disbelief and noted that the woman's claims were outrageous even when she has little children.

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